Honey for acne

by Debbie
(Birmingham, Alabama)

I heard that you can clear acne by puting honey on the acne blemish and leave it on for about 10 minutes then wash it off. From reading your article it sound like honey bought in the stores are overly processed and do not contain the anitbacterial and other properties needed to be benificial. I live in Alabama and can not find anyone that sells pollen and royal jelly locally. Would yours benefit me as opposed to someone in another state?

Angela's Response:

Great question Debbie. You are correct in that most honey products on the super market shelves are heavily processed and devoid of many of the healthy qualities found naturally in honey. That being said, there may be some quality raw honey products that have not been pasteurized or heated on the shelves but you'd need to look at each individual brand and do some research to find out. (unless they've stated in on the label) Our bee pollen and royal jelly is actually a mix of sources from throughout Canada and the United States. We do this to get a wide variety of nutrients in our product. So yes, our pollen and royal jelly would likely benefit you very much. We find that the most important factor is that the products come from the same continent. So using North American sourced product (and not European or Asian) would be important for you.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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