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May 09, 2022
Manuka propolis
by: Winny

Hi Angela,

Firstly, thank you for the time you take in reply to my message.

Just for background I am on healing of managing fibroids and endometriosis.

I had been taking comvita propolis for well over 2 months and had no reaction. The flavonoid content was 15 per tablet, at about 200mg per tablet. I would take 4 tablets daily.

I’ve just received a delivery of super strength liquid capsules manuka propolis, flavonoid content 72 per tablet and 6000mg per tablet.

I’ve taken one tablet and I’m feeling wheezy with an occasional itchy throat.

I don’t want to stop taking the tablets as it’s really essential to my endometriosis and conception journey.

Please could you advise?

Many thanks

Angela's comments:

I'd suggest that you reduce your dose significantly Winny.

Mar 25, 2014
heart pumping from bee pollen?
by: Anonymous

Have been reading about bee pollen for a while now & wanted to try y it for energy. Got a jar of granules from my local health food store & it's from the local beekeeper who sells his local honey. Anyway I took about a quarter teaspoon after dinner last night, seemed fine, slept well. Today I have been having uncomfortable heart pumping/palpitations. Will this go away? There were probably 6 to 8 granules in the quarter teaspoon. Haven't taken any more. Otherwise no other problems. I am a little scared by this reaction. Thank you.

Angela's Comments:

You should definitely stop taking the pollen to see if the issue goes away. If you decide to start taking it again, start with only one granule per day and increase by one granule per day only if you experience no symptoms.

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