GMO's in Bee Pollen?

I've been learning a lot about GMO's and our bodies' natural response to these non-foods. At the same time I started taking bee pollen, after learning about it's incredible nutritional properties. After one week of using one teaspoon a day in my morning green smoothie I found myself suffering from a LOT of gas. I felt fine otherwise. A few days after I started I also noticed a rash of tiny bumps spreading out all over my breastfed eight month old's chest. It doesn't seem to itch or bother her. But now that I know about the issues that GMOs can cause-including digestive disorders, allergies, and tons more- I'm wondering if this bee pollen I've been taking is tainted with GMO pollen. Actually, I wonder how any bee pollen could be clean considering the prevalence of GMOs here in the US. I'm laying off the bee pollen for a week to see what happens. I wish someone had a conclusive answer about GMOs in bee pollen and if there is a cost/benefit point to taking it.

Angela's Comments:

You bring up a very interesting point. You are correct in the GMO's are widespread in the U.S. and unless, as a bee farmer, you control off the land that your bee's visit, you can not control if your bee's visit GMO plants. So it is entirely possible that there are GMO pollens in virtually all bee pollen sourced from the U.S.. As for the gas issue you've experienced - this is common. Try soaking your bee pollen in water overnight before consuming it OR blend it with a blender into a shake or fruit smoothie.

Bee healthy,

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