Fertility, Endometriosis and Propolis

by Sally

Hi there,

I have read an article recently that suggested that Bee Propolis may help fertility in woman with Endometriosis. I read one of your answers which indicated that Bee Propolis can potentially help with fertility in these circumstances. I am just about to go through the tests to determine whether or not I have Endometriosis, it is looking like it may be a possibility. My question is, that being the case, I am taking 500mg of Bee Propolis a day in the hope that it will help. Are there any side effects that I should be aware of and (if I am lucky enough) if I do fall pregnant can I continue to take this dose safely?

Many thanks,

Hi Sally,
The main side effect that users of propolis want to concern themselves with is one in which they have a sensitivity to bee products. If you are already taking 500 mg of propolis per day and have had no issues, then it is unlikely that you are sensitive to it. That is not to say that you won't be sensitive to higher doses but most people react early on (if they are going to react). Propolis is very well tolerated. We get almost no reports of side effects. (bee pollen and royal jelly have a higher likelihood of adverse reactions and we get more reports about them than propolis). If you do become pregnant, I'd suggest you discuss with your Dr. about continuing with propolis. I do know of propolis users who have used it during pregnancy safely but this is not something we can recommend.

Bee healthy,

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