Estrogen and estradiol?

Hi I had my hormones checked ,estradiol was 227 , testost, & progesterone was low, if I take bee pollen or royal jelly will it increase my estrogen ? Also my hair is thin and skin sagging a bit ,will it firm the skin ad help my hair ? Thnx

Angela's Comments:

Hi There,
No, bee pollen or royal jelly won't increase your estrogen. It is a hormonal tonic so it will help balance or modulate your hormones which may help your skin and hair.

I'd highly recommend a couple of things for you. I suspect your thyroid is low as well - get it tested and use the product ThyroSmart. You can read more here:

Also consider for your hair and skin a product called Collagen Plus. This product will work wonders for strengthening and thickening your hair and helping saggy skin. You can find it here:

Take 1 tablespoon of bee pollen granules per day along with 3000 mg of royal jelly. This protocol will likely do wonders for you.

Bee healthy,

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Feb 07, 2013
Will it help me lose weight?
by: Anonymous

hi,I have gained over 30kg since falling pregnant and giving birth. My daughter is 15months old,I am no longer breast feeding and desperate to get back in shape. Is royal jelly going to help?

Angela's comments:

Hi there,
I'd be happy to help you. Royal Jelly can aid in weight loss. I'd first suggest you read my page here on what I have found to be most effective over the years.

Let me know after reading this if you have any other questions.

Bee healthy,

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