Effect of processing bee pollen

by Debbie
(Louisburg, Kansas)

Hello, I have enjoyed reading the wealth of information on your site. I have been using bee pollen in my smoothies for some time and after learning a bit more I am interested in making sure the pollen or bee products I purchase are of the highest nutritional quality....which is probably not the case when purchasing from a large retailer or bulk warehouse.

Now I'm confused as to which products are "best". What do you recommend as far as which products to purchase for energy, skin health, overall good nutrition. I know that those qualities may seem a bit broad. I just would like a recommendation as to where to begin.

On another site I read about "Durham's Queen's Delight" and the wonderful customer testimonies associated with their capsule. Is there an advantage to consuming less processed supplements? I assume getting the products into a form that they can be used to fill capsules takes some extra processing.

Angela's Comments:

Hi Debbie,
Glad you found us! In my opinion, there is some value in consuming products that have had less processing. This is why I tend to recommend using raw bee pollen granules in most cases. You are correct in that the process of putting bee pollen into a capsule does require some processing. There are two schools of thought on this. Some believe that this processing 'unlocks' the nutrients inside the bee pollen granule/shell and makes them more bio-available. And then there is the idea that foods left as nature intended are most healthy. I tend to lean towards this belief only because I have yet to see a reputable, well done study to prove that removing the shell of the pollen granule is necessary.

A good comination if you are looking for energy, skin health and vitality is our bee pollen granules and our royal jelly capsules. Royal jelly is fantastic for skin health and also has been shown in studies to boost energy, immunity, improve dry skin and increase longevity. And bee pollen...well, the many benefits are listed on the site.

Hope that helps!

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