Does Bee Pollen cause gas?

by Cynthia
(Prosperity, PA)

My sisters and I started taking bee pollen, and we have tremendous amount of gas. Is this normal, if so is there anything we can do for this problem? My sister had to stop taking the bee pollen, for it was so bad. Thank you Cynthia

Angela's Comments:

Hi Cynthia,
Bee pollen doesn't cause gas for the very large majority of users. But it does happen in very rare cases. What I recommend is that you either soak your bee pollen over night in water before consuming it or taking a quality digestive enzyme product when you take your bee pollen.

Hope that helps,

Comments for Does Bee Pollen cause gas?

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Jan 28, 2021
Holy Gas Batman!
by: Anonymous

For the last few weeks I have been dealing with terrible gas & bloating. I was trying to figure out what may be the culprit & all of a sudden it dawned on me. I just started taking bee pollen again about 2 weeks ago! Never had this problem before but am thinking as we age sometimes our systems can’t manage & digest like we used to.

Anyway, had to kiss my pollen goodbye :(

Sep 25, 2020
Terrible Bloating
by: Sally

I started using Spanish organic bee pollen. My stomach is so distended. I even soaked it 2 days running. I will reduce dosage but don’t want to give up yet

Aug 08, 2020
Gas and bloating
by: Anonymous

I have been taking bee pollen complex for 15 years from The Vitamin Shoppe and NEVER had any negative side effects until now!! I had to return the first 2 bottles because I thought it was a "bad batch". Now that I started taking them again I have such bad gas and bloating.. which is why I returned the others. I guess my body can’t tolerate it anymore. The negative side effects outweigh the positive. And I also take a good quality probiotic and that does nothing. Makes me sad because I have loved this for so many years!!

Jan 27, 2020
Gas from bee pollen
by: Anonymous

I really done think the gas from bee pollen is rare, but I do think people don’t realize that it is the bee pollen that is giving them gas. I have had the same problem and blamed it on everything else until checking today! Thank You

Sep 25, 2018
Painful bloating
by: Anonymous

I too have had painful bloating. I will never eat bee pollen again.

May 25, 2018
I had to stop because of severe gas
by: Anonymous

I had to stop as well because of severe gas.

Jul 06, 2017
Bee Pollen causes gas
by: Jenny

I've looked up on the internet whether it's common for bee pollen to cause gas. I have been taking it for almost 10 days and the bloating, gas and discomfort has been non-stop. I found two users who had the same issue, both writing to this site's advisor. Both times the advisor says this is not a common side effect and suggests simply soaking the pollen (and in one case, I believe, taking digestive enzymes). I'm here to say I've tried both and this does not work. It would be helpful if this site not propagate the misleading idea that this is a very rare side effect. In fact, I've seen other sites suggest that allergies to bee pollen can sometimes manifest in an upset stomach. I'm all for taking things that are good for me, but not when they cause other problems. I'm sure bee pollen is otherwise wonderful, but accurate information would be much appreciated.

Angela's Comments:

Thank you for sharing. We have thousands of users of bee pollen - 2 reports of gas would not, in my opinion, be considered common but in fact quite rare. :)

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