Changing the Consistency of Bee Pollen

I read that bee pollen should never be ground, blended, or changed in any way from its original state. I.E. if you want to put it in a smoothie, then it should just be scattered on top, or at the very most, gently folded into the smoothie.

Is anyone else aware of whether this is correct or not?

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Jun 10, 2016
Bee pollen, great for weight loss
by: Anonymous

I have been taking bee pollen supplement on and off for some time now. I must say I was skeptical at first, but then I started to see the changes in my health, very good. I have lost a lot of weight. My concern though is that, I stopped taking it again, for five days now, but all of a sudden,just a day or two ago, I started to get the same feelings I used to get when I first started, like getting chills, feeling my head tighting, or my whole body drying up, & feeling dehydrated. My mouth feels dry after I drink lots of water, and I get an after taste in my mouth. Thanks for your help.

Apr 04, 2014
Bee Pollen (how to take)
by: Brigadoon

Let me begin by saying that Bee Pollen is a "live" food - Full of everything a person needs to live a healthy life

(If you were stranded on a Island with only Water & Bee Pollen - Because of the complete nutrition in Bee Pollen - you would live a healthy life with perfect health).

I tell all of my clients - to take your bee pollen:
Place a spoon full (depending on what level you have worked up to in the amount you are taking) in your mouth and drink it down with water – don’t blend, mix, or heat it with anything ever.

Taking your bee pollen this way will NOT interrupt the composition of the pollen and you will receive the full benefits of the total nutrition it feeds every cell in our body and brain

Also, Purchasing Bee Pollen should absolutely be from a company that has the very very best quality in how it is gathered & leaving it in its truly natural form.

Angela & Mark Bee-Pollen-Buzz is a family owned Bee Keepers - There quality is unsurpassed in every way - And yes the little Bees truly love them!!.

Bee Healthy

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