Can I take propolis year round?

by Robert B.

Hello Angela

Thank you for the information on propolis drops.
Just a few more questions:

1. Can the drops be taken all year round (6 days a week) continuously for general health and oral health or is it better to take them as needed (colds, viruses, etc.)?

2. Is it better to take the drops sublingually or in a small amount of water?

3. I notice on the website of CC Pollen that they are more or less the only manufacturer that extrude their own propolis. How would that compare to the propolis that you are offering?

Angela's Comments:

Yes, propolis can be taken year round safely. In fact, I take it almost daily (the odd day I forget). One doesn't appear to develop a resistance or immunity to it and I have yet to find any information that would support this. Personally, I find that it works just as well for me now and taking it daily as it did when I was a child.

It makes no difference whatsoever taking propolis in drops or mixed in water. It is totally a matter of personal choice.

With regards to the CC Pollen Company extracting their own propolis. This may be true and but it is insignificant. We don't extract our own propolis but buy it from a leading North American extractor. It would be very difficult to for me to comment on how ours compare's to their propolis as I have never been given access to their plant and only have the information that is on their website. I have no idea if it is true or not. To be honest, I don't know of anyone who has ever tried their propolis so I don't have any feedback to work with. I should probably order a bottle myself from them and give it a try!
I can only really speak of the results I have personally gotten with our propolis and the great amount of positive feedback I get on our propolis products. If I wasn't seeing results in our clients and in myself and family, I'd certainly be switching suppliers. But we do observe positive results, as do I and my family members who all take it religously so I know that our propolis is quality and has the active compounds needed to deliver results.

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