Can cats take bee pollen?

by Ionella

I just bought your bee pollen and I am using it daily.

I also have 4 cats, and I will like to know if pollen can be given to them. If yes, how much per day?

Are there any contraindications regarding cats?

Are you giving pollen to your pets?

Thank you very much,


Hi Lonela,
Yes, you can give pollen to cats. As always, start with only one or two granules at a time mixed into their food and work up from there. We generally recommend a teapsoon per 50 lbs of body weight so for a cat, you'd likely want to stick with no more than a half teaspoon.


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Feb 20, 2020
Cat allergies
by: Anonymous

I have a 12 year old diabetic cat. He has chronic allergies which have turned into upper respitory a few times. Do you think bee pollen would help this issue?

Jul 14, 2017
Silver for Cats
by: Kleine

You might also want to try some colloidal silver which is good for infections and is safe for cats in small amounts. I have ten cats ranging in ages from one to 13 years, and I give them a few drops of colloidal silver in their food every day. I also give them bee pollen. They are so healthy they are practically bouncing off the walls. It's difficult to tell who's one and who's 13!

Oct 08, 2016
Bee Pollen Complex 1000 Plus
by: Amber

Is this safe for cats? I have an older cat that has a tendency to be a normal older cat and be fatigued at times, but he is also prone to respiratory infections. I have read that both bee pollen and propolis would work, but do you think a mix like this would be safe? Obviously not the full dose, but just the general mixture? Thank you in advance!

Angela's Comments:

Most likely yes, it is safe for your cat. Be sure to introduce it to your cat in very small amounts. Lastly, speak with your vet about any and all supplements you give to your pets.

Oct 12, 2011
Cats with a virus - propolis?
by: mauri

I raise the Desert Lynx cats, & currently all the kits & adult cats have a virus-caused cold. I have an elderberry syrup that lists proplis as one of the 3 ingredients. It this the same thing as bee pollen, & if so, what dosage should I give? The cats nrange in weight from 1lb. to 15 lbs. Thanks.

Angela's comments:

No, propolis is not the same as bee pollen. It is a compound found in the hive and is highly anti-viral so it may very well help your cats. Hard to say what dose to give them but take the recommended dose for humans and adjust it based on the weight of the cats. Propolis and elderberry are very safe and difficult to overdose on.


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