Can Bee Pollen treat high blood pressure or high cholesterol?

by Tina D
(Lapeer, Mi, USA)


I have just begun taking bee pollen granules and have noticed a wonderful change in skin (face and body)! I am also interested in knowing if taking bee pollen can help in lowering high blood pressure or lowering high cholesterol. I am trying to get my husband to work on using more holistic/natural remedies to decrease both his high blood pressure and high cholesterol. If bee pollen granules can help him, please let me know! I will make a believer out of him!! :)

Thanks again!

Tina D

Hi Tina,
Great to hear of the wonderful results you are getting from bee pollen! I wouldn't go so far as to say that bee pollen will treat high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I have not read of any studies supporting this BUT I do know of bee pollen users who have seen both of these conditions improve with bee pollen use. So it won't hurt to add bee pollen to his diet but I would encourage you to add a few other proven supplements if you can.

Royal Jelly has some studies on cholesterol control:

A group of researchers in Japan decided to examine the effects of Royal Jelly on blood cholesterol levels in 15 volunteers.

They gave half the volunteers 6 grams of Royal Jelly per day for 4 weeks. Those taking the RJ saw their total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) decreased significantly compared with those who didn't get the RJ. HDL (the good cholesterol) levels didn't change in either group, nor did triglyceride levels.

So, it appears that Royal Jelly lowers bad cholesterol and total cholesterol while not harming good cholesterol levels. Amazing!

If your doctor is telling you to get your cholesterol levels down, perhaps Royal Jelly is a safer, natural option for you.


1) Take magnesium every day for high blood pressure. I only recommend this form:

2) Fish oil/Omega 3 supplment - I recommend the NutraSea brand, Natural Factors, Carlson or Nordic Naturals.

3) Sytrinol - another well researched natural cholesterol supplement.

Hope that helps!

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May 30, 2018
high blood pressure
by: Anonymous

i have to take blood pressure meds this good for me?

Angela's comments:

I would suggest you read the follow articles on blood pressure and cholesterol treatment:


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