Camp David ( broken toe resort ) the" BEE"ginning

by David
(Camp David)

As a child I would roam the woods behind our neighborhood on the outskirts of Halifax N.S. I would do this in anticipation of discovering the many treasures I still to this day believe exist there. As well it was my way of escaping the abuses of life that at that time were for the most part, my life. at night I would dream of being a pioneer woodsman like my hero Daniel Boone. What a wonderful life that would be. Living off the land, returning at days end to your cabin in the woods. I have always wanted a pet bear and in my opinion wolves are of the most majestic creatures on the planet.
On a mid September day in 2009 I was able to realize this dream in its entirety. It was my birthday and as the ultimate gift any person could receive I, became the owner of a true slice of heaven. I had reached a milestone...50 years young and when on a day where most would be celebrating with family I, with the love and blessings of my wife and son was alone in my cabin in the woods. Life truly is wonderful.
Camp David has all that one would expect from a wilderness retreat and more. It is nestled in the forest outside the northern boundaries of Algonquin Park. The wildlife is in abundance...not many people can say that they have a moose living in their yard. The therapeutic song of the creek winding its way across the landscape is all that one needs for a good days walk and a good nights sleep. The howling of the wolves that roam the property is in its own eerily strange way, very therapeutic as well...they keep you moving...sometimes at an accelerated rate...good for the heart, lungs and leg muscles.
None of this could have been remotely possible had it not been for the benefits I had received from a select group of highly influential people over an although, unfortunately short yet, very rewarding 4 years. Three of these people were residents of the small town of Carlisle and it was at this family home where I was to discover a method that if followed would allow for the opportunity to reach my goal and ultimately, my dream. I am here to retire and it is here where I expect to expire.
The Benefits that made this possible for me are the added ingredients found in each and every product produced at the Little Honey Shop in Carlisle and although Dutchman's Gold claims their products to be additive free I, beg to differ for I was fortunate to have been there to witness first hand what appeared to be more added ingredients than actual honey.
This is one those moments where you seek one thing and find another. While researching the benefits of bee pollen I, instead find a link to the best of my past.

Angela, back in the late 70s early 80s through your A-Nellie I was invited to join the on-goings of the Van Alten Family. It was through her as well that I first met your parents John and Annie Van Alten. We met during the anticipation time...the months previous to your arrival into this world. My prediction of your arrival was September 16. My logic was simple...If you are going to be born in September it might as well be on the best day...the 16th.
The strengths and qualities and dedication found in each member of your family was what caught my attention. The Family Values, the work ethics, commitments to each other and an unwavering undeniable love for each other were all foreign to me. I had never met a family such as yours in the past, not since and quite likely, will not at any time in the future.
This was what your Father, your Mother, You, Your Siblings and all others involved, include in the production of Dutchman's Gold products. these are the hidden ingredients which make your honey not just pure..."the PUREST OF PURE". These were also the ingredients I was to adopt, adapt and, follow through the course of my life.
As a small way of saying thank you, you are welcome to the sap from all but 40 of the 10,000 or so maples that are on the property.


Congratulation to you for all the success it appears you have enjoyed, may you enjoy many years more.
To You and Your entire family ( especially Nellie for it was her that ultimately made it all happen )a sincere Thank-you, you all are truly a wonderful example of the truth of a Family.

David Wilkins

Hello David,
Thank you so much for taking the time to write this wonderful letter. I will be sure to forward it on to my family members.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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