Breast Cancer & Propolis

by Elsa
(Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa)

Hi Angela

I have breast cancer, and have decided to decline chemo and surgery for now, and first want to give natural medicine a go. This includes vit c drips, h2o2 (also in honey) drips, supplements and an organic diet. I have included 2 teaspoons of honey with white yogurt during the day, but did not realise until today honey and propolys are not the same thing entirely. I'm in South Africa, do you know where I can get propolis that are organic and 'clean' from pollutents? Also, do you know how much I should eat / drink to help with appotosis in my tumor without overdoing it such as making other organs such as the kidneys or liver suffer. Lastly, will propolis work against any of my drips or any substance? And very lastly ;-) is it ok to eat raw honey in conjuction with propolis, and is there anything that helps the absorbtion of both propolis and honey?
Thank you,
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Hi Elsa,
I am not aware of any organic propolis produces in South Africa but would suggest you call your local health food store and inquiry there.

Unfortunately, none of the cancer /propolis studies that I am aware of have been done on humans so it is difficult to know the exact dose that could be effective for humans. My guess is that it is in the several grams per day amount meaning at least 3 grams or more of a powder/capsule and several full droppers of a 50% or more tincture.

I don't believe that propolis will work against any of the substances you are taking but I am not qualified to say for sure on these other substances. I always recommend running questions such as these past a Naturopathic Doctor or a pharmacist with some training in natural substances.

And yes, you can absolutely use raw honey and propolis together.

Hope that helps,

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