Best type of bee pollen to take and the different amounts

Hi! I'm glad to have found your site, its very informative and I have learned a lot about bee pollen. My question to you is how much bee pollen can you safely consume and can you take too much? Also, can you help me understand how the capsules contain such a small amount, but be so high in its milligrams, where as the powder or granular pollen you need to take a teaspoon or tablespoon to reach the same amount? And what is the best form of pollen to take? Thanks for a great website.

Angela's Comments:

Great questions. People have been known to consume up to 12 tablespoons per day. That is the highest amount I've encountered someone consuming long term and safely. Keep in mind these were experienced pollen consumers who had been taking it for years. I would not recommend anyone starting with this amount. Most people find that one or two tablespoons per day of the granules is quite healthy. Personally, I take this amount each day. And yes, you can certainly take too much. This amount is different for each of us so it is difficult to say what this amount is for you.

The reason the capsules contain high milligrams and you don't need to take quite as much as if you were taking the granules is because the outer shell of the pollen has been processed away. So, the pollens are more concentrated and accessible for digestion.

Hope that helps!

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