by Brigadoon

Hi Angela & Mark

Just got back from my trip a few weeks ago to Italy and had to share a great adventure I experienced while there for almost a month

In a small town outside of Palermo Italy I was referred to a Master Bee Keeper to visit his hives & him. What I did not know at the time was the History behind this Master Bee Keeper. So here is my wonderful experience that I pass onto you.

Many Many of his Family Generations of Bee keeping passed down - Long ago his Great Great Grandfather found a natural bee hive nest of "Black Bees" they were so dossal and non-threaten he felt they were inviting him in to explore their hive.

He kept the natural bee hive away from the rest of his property - later his sons transferred several of the bees and part of there hive to a small Island they owned

The bees built several big hives and since no one was allowed on the Island except the Bee Keepers family the bees flourished and produced wonderful honey, honey comb, & of course fabulous bee pollen.

This family won the Prestige Award "The Golden Bee" for all of Italy

There honey from the Black Bees is something that has the Bouquet of Heaven & Mother Nature - no other way to discribe the taste.

I gave him a small container of the SoHo Mish cream and I also gave him the Bee Venom ointment that I had mixed with a small amount of SoHo Mish cream.

He applied some on the top of his hand and we watched it turn the skin really pink - then he felt the warmth go all the way down into his skin.

He smiled and said "wow the bees would be proud". His son does bee stings for health on many of the people from their small town so he knows the wonderful benefits that bee venom brings. (another gift from our buddies the bees)

I felt so honored to have been able to contact this Master Bee Keeper, & experience his knowledge first hand on the true Treasures of the Bees and Bee Pollen.

Thank you Angela & Mark for all of your work in bringing pure Bee Pollen and products from the Hive to us.


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