Bee Venom treatments

by Jenn Leach
(Milwaukee, WI)

Hi! I am so pleased to have found your site. I got interested in Bee products from Dr. Oz, and from his site I came accross a site discussing BVT, which I am very interested in. It seems it is almost impossible to find someplace to have it done...
Anyway, I then came accross your site, and I am thrilled to have found all of these amazing products. I ordered 3 items last night.
My main question for the moment is the bee venom creme. It mentioned helping with ms, dementia and depression. I am a bit confused, as it does not seem a topical would be used for these conditions (or could it?)
I have so many health problems including depression, insomnia, chronic sinus infections and acne. Now I am starting in with arthritis in my knee. I understand what you mentioned re. acne having to do with the liver, I was in school for acupunture for a time. Oh, and I completely lack energy. My mom just turned 87 yesterday, and is in pretty good shape, but her arthritis has gotten very bad, and as with myself, completely lacking. Unlike myself, she has always been like someone shot out of a cannon, and it irritates her that she literally must spend most of her time sleeping due to pain and exhaustion. She is very vital, and I hate to see her so frustrated and worn out. She is 87 going on 40, and I want her to be able to enjoy her life!
I think I need to purchase the bee pollen for us. We are getting accupuncture every week, which is a help, but we need more! Hopefully this is our miracle. My poor mom also suffers from incontinance, which is driving her crazy. They are reccommending moxabustion for that, and since I was previous student they are going to teach me, and have me do some at home for her.
Any advice on any of this would be greatly appreciated.
So much for a "main question"!
Last but not least, when I read your bio, I almost fell off my chair when you mentioned "The Secret"- I too am a huge fan. I was also especially thrilled to find the information about SBI. I will be needing a web site at some point, and I am certain I will go with them. Again, The Secret is amazing!
It brought me to your products, your expertise, and SBI!
Looking forward to hearing from you~
Jenn Leach

Hi Jenn,
So glad you found me! I would suggest contacting to see if he can recommend any place close to you to get bee venom injections done. You are correct in that the bee venom cream is not typically used for dimentia and depression - you'd need to have injections done for that. We use the ointment more for inflammatory conditions - arthritis. For that it is very effective and I'd recommend you try it for your knee. I'd also definitely recommend start taking bee pollen to both you and your mom. You may also want to consider EstroSmart, which will help detoxify your liver (and aid in the acne). You could also try the SleepSmart product to help with sleep. Anyways, I don't want to over do it but you must know that there are options out there for you and we can make a huge difference in your health! Let me know how things go and I'd be happy to work with you!


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