Bee Venom Ointment for face?

I've purchased a Antiinflammatory Bee Venom Ointment, thought to add some in my facial creams and masks. However, it does not look like I can do that.

Can you please tell me what you think about it.
Will it benefit my skin and what amount should I use?
Thank you

Angela's Comments:

Which brand is it? Is it the Venex brand? If so I can send directions.


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Oct 13, 2014
Can I use bee venom powder?
by: Honey

Please let me know if I can use bee venom powder instead of veneX ? I believe that veneX is an ointment for aches and pains but I'm assuming once it's mixed with face cream it would be diluted so I just thought I might get better results with the bee venom powder. In this case how much powder do I use. I found a site that suggests 1 gram powder to make up 450 gram cream.

Angela's comments:

You won't necessarily get better results with a powder as the drying process will damage some of the active compounds in the venom. The VeneX cream is suitable for use on the face (albeit in very tiny amounts). See the comments with this post as there are customers who have posted how they are using it on the face.

Jul 09, 2012
Will try that!!!
by: Anonymous

Yes it is VeneX.
Thank you Brigadoon, I will try that

Jul 09, 2012
Bee Venom Ointment for Ageless Skin
by: Anonymous

Bee Venom & Ageless Skin

by Brigadoon

Here is what I have been doing (along with my clients) about the Bee Venom application and the So-Ho Mish cream - all I can say is "FABULOUS"!!!!!!

From the first application of the VeneX:

Mixed a large pea size amount with 15-20 grams of the So-Ho Mish cream (mixed them real well to incorporated the VeneX)

Applied mixture on face, neck, chest & back of hands.
(this mixture went right into the skin - waited one minute and smoothed with hands all over the areas - none was left on the surface)

2 minutes - Very Bright redness all over the areas the cream was placed. (stayed that way for several hours)
then just a pink healthy glow

Sometimes I placed a tiny pea size of the VeneX directly on crows feet, forehead, chest and lower jaw line - waited 1 minute then put the So-Ho Mixture on the rest of the areas.
Again same results as above.

Next day before applying any So-Ho mixture - My skin was pink and healthy looking. (less lines around mouth, and crows feet, also more firmness on the neck and lower jaw line, chest was much smoother).

Which all of this means that "Yes" Bee Venom does create new blood flow from the lower levels of the dermis skin (where new cells are stimulated ) and from the new blood flow comes new collagen for the creation of healthier firmer skin.

One of the major things about this process that it completely differs from ALL of the rest of the Bee Venom products is:
If you look at the ingredients that other companies are using in their base cream - they are loaded with "junk" which does very little for the skin and most of the time actually cancels out the effectiveness of the Bee Venom used.

With the So-Ho Mish cream - you get the Rolls Royce of the base cream which continues the treatment long after the bee venom goes into the skin - (the bee venom because of its nature does go into the lower levels of the skin - and continues its action long after it leaves the surface of the skin)

When mixed with the So-Ho Mish cream you get the continued action of the perfect formula that So-Ho Mish is made up of.

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