Bee propolis and allergies

by Melanie Hart
(Dublin, Ohio, US)

If I have many allergies including ragweed, grass, and certain trees is it safe to take Bee propolis? And if so at what dosage. I was thinking to take it for reversing effects of aluminum.


Angela's Comments:

Allergic reactions to bee propolis are quite uncommon. Having allergies to grasses and trees is not a good indicator of whether or not you'll have allergies to propolis. What I would suggest is trying out a very small amount of propolis and observing how you react and then slowly increasing your dose over the span of several weeks, always observing how you feel and if you are experiencing any allergic symptoms.

Propolis has actually been shown in studies to help with allergies.

Scientists gave propolis to rats for two weeks and found that it significantly inhibited histamine release from the rats mast cells. Histamine is the compound in the body that makes you sneeze, gives you watery eyes and a runny nose - it generally makes your life difficult. Anti-histamines are the main allergy drugs sold over the counter.

The scientists went on to say that their results clearly demonstrated that propolis may be effective in the relief of symptoms of allergic rhinitis through inhibition of histamine release.

So come allergy season, don't only take your bee pollen but consider adding a daily dose of propolis.

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