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My goal is to get as much of the incredible bee pollen nutrients in my body as possible and that's why i'm still regularly researching alot about the digestability of pollen and i found an interesting article, of which i hope you could comment on.

This makes a very convincing case about the far from optimal digestive capacity humans have for pollen.

It would be so great if we could somehow develope the optimal protocol to make all the ingredients bio-available in there optimal raw form.

This might also make Dr. Cherbuliez theory alot more plausible.

Or perhaps this could also be achieved by imitating the conditions in a hive more, like soaking the pollen in a mixture of raw honey and water at room temperature.

Or by making use of maximum osmotic pressure by soaking it in double or triple distilled water which would probable either crack the walls or draw the nutrients out.

Or perhaps unfortunately the best way would be to buy the commercially available pollen powder that has been crushed and treated with certain enzymes. ( but because the add alot of unnatural minerals and use freezing i'm not a fan of that.)

Wouldn't it be great if we could interest more bee pollen distributers to get some definate research done on this subject to get a definate answer once and for all.

I want to thank you very much for your time and effort, and i really hope you can find the time to give me a personal response please.
I've sent you 1 mail before a few years ago and i just recently found your response on your website. ( but ofcourse i understand that you can't respond to all questions)

You are free to post my questions on your website but i would appreciate it if you wouldn't use my name with that please.

Thank you again for all you do promoting this potentially most important human supplement, that could make all others obsolete. (and for putting up with my bad english :-)

All the best,
Pierre Dekkers

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