Bee pollen vs. raw honey vs. royal jelly

by Sally
(Duluth, MN)

Hello. I am wanting to order some of your product. I have been using bee pollen sporadically in nutritional smoothies and upon reading about the health benefits, would like to up my intake. In reading various articles on the internet, I am learning that certain pollens are better than others depending on the types of flowers/fruits the bees are getting the pollen from. What are your bees' primary pollen sources? Also, if I am consuming pollen granules, would it also be beneficial for me to consume royal jelly and raw honey; or would that be too much of a good thing; seeing as how they all come from the same source....(bees)? I'm a single mom on a budget and don't want to spend on more product than necessary, nor do I want to overload my system with bee byproducts. Lastly, if I order from you, and the products are supposed to stay refrigerated, how will they be shipped without their beneficial properties being compromised? Is it thus necessary for me to purchase the 16.00 insulated bag each time? Sorry for all the questions; I'm just learning about it all and want to do it right. I do appreciate your taking the time to read/hopefully answer this.

Duluth, MN

Angela's Comments:

Great questions Sally and glad you found us. It is not 'necessary' to consume bee pollen, royal jelly and raw honey all at once but it is beneficial. Ultimately, you must decide what products will help you the most based on the budget you have and any health challenges you might dealing with. We do find that using more than one product of the hive together does seem to have a synergistic effect. (meaning they work better together than they do individually)

It is difficult for us to say exactly what flowers produce the pollens we sell because we buy from many farmers at this point from different areas of north america. (this is due to the demand and volume we sell)

It is only recommended you use an insulated shipping kit if you buy the fresh frozen royal jelly. Shipping bee pollen, royal jelly powder or capsules and raw honey is fine at room temperature or above for the time periods they would be exposed to during shipping.

Hope the helps and please let me know if you have any more questions.


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