Bee pollen tea - will boiling water destroy enzymes?

by matt

I like to mix my bee pollen with yerba mate tea, but does the hot water destroy any nutrients?

Hi Matt,

When you put bee pollen into hot water that has just been boiled, you will not reduce the healing benefits of it if you wait until it cools slightly. Having bee pollen or honey in tea or something like that is a great way to help bring the healing properties of the herb into your body. Because it is not direct high heat, the properties will remain.

The temperature that bee pollen would lose it's beneficial properties is 118 degrees Fahrenheit. Food that has not been cooked or heated above 118 degree F is considered raw. All the enzymes will be present. Since boiling point is 212 degrees F, you will have to wait a short time for it to cool to get maximum results.

However, it will not be harmful to have bee pollen after it has been heated or used in a baking recipe. The benefits will outweigh not using it. Pasteurization occurs after 140 or 150 degrees F.


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Feb 06, 2018
Heating of Raw Honey
by: Anonymous

This is good info and something I've always wondered about. If I read it right, as long as it is not heated above the 118 degrees, the heat actually helps your body to absorb the nutrients.

Apr 03, 2017
Bee Pollen with ginger power drink
by: Mommdo

Dear Sirs,

Does the benefits will be lost if I put Bee Pollen together with ginger powder to boiling water and mix it with honey to drink it the moring?


If you add to boiling water then yes, you will damage the bee pollen and honey. Try waiting a couple of minutes after boiling to add the bee pollen.

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