Bee Pollen & Synthroid?

by Roberta
(Port Reading, NJ)

I have been using bee pollen for about 20 years now, but recently I was diagnoised with hyperthyroidism which went into hypothyroidism after the radioactive iodine treatments. My doctor has told me to stop using the bee pollen, since she does not know what it is. After all these years of using bee pollen, I am just about to go back using this product again. My question is....would bee pollen interfere with synthroid the drug, I have to take for maybe the rest of my life?

I am 57 years old, and since taking this wonder food, many have said I look and act like 37! My skin, has always glowed, my energy level was always above performance and healthwise, never had a problem, except when I started with the thyroid problem about 2 years ago. Any information will be greatly appreciated!
Oh, btw....I have used your product in the past!


Hello Roberta,

Thank you for your post. Having low thyroid or hypothyroid will certainly zap your energy. Once you get your medication dosage dialed in and follow these recommendations, you will feel even better. It is not a fun thing to have, however a large percentage of North American Women have this condition.
To answer your question about taking Synthroid with Bee Pollen:
Take your synthroid on an empty stomach in the morning as recommended by your physician. Wait an hour, then eat breakfast as usual including your bee Pollen if you have yours in the morning. Bee Pollen is a food (that happens to have super nutrient and superfood content)- and is safe to take. However, there have not been any specific studies using Bee Pollen and Synthroid, so I have to say use at your discretion.
My other recommendations for those with Hypothyroid and taking synthroid are as follows:
Take extra Vitamin D - (It helps with making thyroid hormones)
Avoid SOY - it interferes with thyroid hormone uptake
Take Thyrosmart - it helps with the conversion of thyroid hormone and will help your medication work better. (take 2 per day with breakfast.
Exercise in the morning - it will get your thyoid moving
Eat protein for breakfast.
Take your multivitamin and keep taking your bee pollen!!

Stay on your medication - I will never tell someone to go off of this. Side effects will happen if you go off of you medication.

Thanks for the post. I hope this helps!
Bee healthy,

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Oct 29, 2021
New research
by: Anonymous

New research suggest that propolis lowers TT3 in healthy subjects. Now I know that pollen proabably does’nt have quite that much propolis, but this might be something to consider, if you have hypothyroidism, since lack of TT3 is the actual cause of the symptoms in people with hypothyroidism.

Oct 27, 2016
take with levothyroxine
by: Anonymous

Hi I take 100mg levothyroxine for an underactive thyroid, can I take your bee pollen or the propolis along side this? many thanks julie

Most likely you can Julie. Many people do take these at the same time. But, always inform your Doctor of any and all supplements you are considering taking.


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