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Apr 27, 2022
stomach pain after eating bee pollen
by: Anonymous

I also experience the rather strange stomach pain only after a month of consuming bee pollen. I did not experience the pain immediately. Only after a few week of consuming the bee pollen did the stomach upset set in.

I am sure it is due to the pollen grains as the stomach pain is resolved once I stop the pollen grain and it returns immediately I started the pollen grains again.

However, I did not experience stomach issue with tablet form of flower pollen supplement.

Mar 12, 2020
YS Organic Stomach Pain Diarrhea Cramps
by: Anonymous

Just purchased YS Eco Bee Farms Honey raw organic honey from wholefoods, tried a teaspoon and soon after had heart burn, than a strong stomach ache, tried it by itself 2 hours after eating dinner.

Major stomach cramps and diarrhea this is not fun.

Avoid/what is the reason??

Nov 17, 2019
stomach cramps
by: Antoinette

I too as the others have mentioned started having stomach cramps about one hour after I take it in the morning with water, why does that happen and how can it be stopped. I take a teaspoon when I get up in the morning and another teaspoon around 2-3:00pm and both times I get cramps, should I stop taking it...

Sep 23, 2013
Bee pollen NOT the cause of my stomach pain
by: vegmom138

I discovered what the cause of my stomach pain actually was. it was the carrageenan in the coconut milk I was using in my smoothies, not the be pollen. removing that took care of the stomach pain.

Thank you for posting and updating your post!


Sep 22, 2013
me too severe stomach pain
by: johnson

I was taking Y.S.Eco Bee Farm and Durham's queen bee delight. I usually alternate between the two.I was doing fine for almost a month, then out of sudden, one night I was awakened by severe abdominal pain.then I was having daily severe stomach pain I thought I was having stomach ulcers. I saw my md, was started on maximun dose of Nexium, which did not seem to alleviate pain. This baffled my md.I usually take my Bee Pollen around 630 to 7 a.m., my pain will usually start around 1030 worse around noon especially around 2 to 3 p.m. The pain always gets better at night.I stopped all my morning supplements, then the pain started to get process of elimination, I found out the culprit was bee pollen. what threw me off was that I was doing fine with the bee pollen for a month, and the pain came so suddenly that would never suspected bee pollen.from my painful experience, I summarized bee pollen induced stomach pain characteristics, which is severe burning pain that would not respond to prescription strength PPI, such as nexium, prevacid and prilosec.the pain is the worst with him the 8 to 10 hours after taking to bee pollen.

Sep 21, 2012
stomach cramps
by: Christy E.

I've been taking bee pollen for the last 30 days and just last week I started getting severe abdominal cramps. I stopped taking them for a few days and as soon as I started again this week the cramps came back. I'm having some blood/urine tests done but am wondering if its the bee pollen. None of my friends who have been taking bee pollen have expeienced this.

Angela's Comments:

I suspect it is Christy. When you started taking it, did you begin by taking only one granule and gradually increasing from there?


Jun 24, 2012
Also have pain with bee pollen
by: Vegmom138

I have been having the same issue with stomach pain while taking bee pollen in almost any amount over a few granules. I have been using a locally sourced pollen, which I assume to be high quality as their raw honey certainly is. I always mix it in a smoothie. Chia seed meal added to the smoothie seemed to help lessen the pain, but it was still there. I have used another brand about seven years ago, I don't recall having any stomach pain from that. Maybe out was just this one batch of pollen, I never gotten to the end of the jar yet. The only allergies I have besides a few drug allergies is tree allergies, and even those are much better than they used to be.Any ideas as to whats causing my pain? Do you think contamination is the most likely problem?

Angela's Comments:

The first thing I would do is ask the provider of your bee pollen where they get it from or if they buy it and bottle it, which many farms do.

Bee healthy,

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