Bee Pollen Shelf Life and Optimum Potency Window of Opportunity

by BeePollenLover

What is the shelf life of Bee Pollen? Does it go stale? I know it has to be refigerated or be in the freezer. Does it last a month? A season? A year? A few years?

Are there dangers in eating old Bee Pollen? Or if I have some older stuff can I just add more to a blended drink and use it that way?

And when I get a new bag or new jar this year what is the Optimum Potency Window of Opportunity?

I have been looking all over for this information. None of the bags or jars I have say anything about this.

Angela's Response:

If kept refrigerated, bee pollen will last up to a year or more. If kept frozen, it will last several years. The only danger in consuming old bee pollen is if it has not been stored properly. I would taste a few granules to test if it is rancid or moldy. You don't want to consume molds. It is difficult to say what the optimum potency window is because you really don't know when the product you are consuming was harvested. Ideally, you want pollen that was harvested today! So try to buy bee pollen that looks fresh and hasn't been sitting on the shelf for long. You should also try to ensure that it has been stored properly - by that I mean cooled upon collection and kept out of the heat or moisture. If you can't determine any of these things from the brand you are consuming, then try Dutchman's Gold. We guarantee our freshness.

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