Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Peptides & HGH

by Brigadoon

Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Peptides, & HGH

Today let’s go over the wonderful world of Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Peptides & HGH

There has been quite a bit of news about HGH and lots of people are ready to jump on the band wagon –

BUT WAIT – So far no one is getting the information out what the difference between our natural HGH our bodies produce and the man made HGH in a laboratory.

Bee Pollen, & Royal Jelly have all the complete Natural Amino Acids which our cells recognize and can utilize in making strong Peptides that encourage our body and brain to not only produce HGH but many other pieces of information to the cells in the form of “cell Food”

which the nutrients are taken into every part of our Master Glands

(They are the Head Honchos of our bodies and without strong Master Glands the information on how to process the nutrients and where to send them doesn’t get to the little cells waiting to do their jobs)

Our body and brain when given the correct Natural Cell Food will produce strong healthy cells that continue to feed and recreate more strong vibrant cells

However, if you feed the cells concoctions that come from a Lab

(remember we are not plants and the DNA from Lab products simply do not match up with our DNA & Cells)

The Master Glands will ask the body “you want me to do what with this??”

The bottom line to this is – Take bee pollen, & Royal Jelly everyday and you will continue to create health as God & Mother Nature intended and not from a Lab.

AND always obtain your Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly from a source that has nothing but Super High Quality Hive products – that of course is Bee Pollen Buzz – because they work right along with Mother nature and the bees.
Can you hear Your Cells yelling Yeeeepppee Skipppy !!

Bee Healthy & Bee Strong

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Bee Pollen & Peptides in Skin Products

by Brigadoon

Bee Pollen & Peptides in Skin Products

Today I will cover the subject of Peptides – Needless to say they are the New Buzz Word for all skin care products that are being marketed today.

However, few people know that almost all Peptides are man-made courtesy of a Laboratory and a Chemist which puts together strange molecules that our bodies (much less our skin cells recognize)

To give this clarity – Know that Peptides are made up of a “Complete” 22 Amino Acids and when they are made in a Lab the molecules don’t match up to our cells.

The skin (when these fake Peptides are put in skin products that are supposed to feed our skin – Our cells will never use them because they are missing one if not more “Natural” molecules)

When someone tells you that a protein drink is great for you and it has Amino Acids – your first question “Must be” How many Amino Acids and what are they derived from?

Now comes our little bee buddies – Bee Pollen, & Royal Jelly have all the Magic Natural Amino Acids (which form Real Natural Peptides when they are complete)

When you use So Ho Mish Cream Your Skin gets fed, & when you put the Bee Pollen in your drink – yep – you really do get a full protein drink –

And you can even hear your little Cells yelling “Yeeeeppppeee Skippppppy!!!!
Have a Yummy Bee Magic Day!!

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Does bee pollen contain peptides?

by Ed Levins
(Boca Raton, Fl. U.S.)

After viewing the list of Amino acids that is in the bee pollen granules, I was wondering if bee pollen contains any Peptides.

Thank you,

Ed Levins

Hi Ed,
I don't know the biochemistry well enough to be able to answer you properly. I believe pollen does contain peptides, like any amino acid containing food. But I'm not 100% sure to be honest and had a hard time finding any information to verify this.


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Jan 26, 2018
Stay with nature!
by: Anonymous

Yea, keep it real baby girl, im 55 and have been taking royal jelly since i was 22, and people can not accept that im telling the truth about my age until i show my I.D ,Clean distilled water, The five Tibetans, Raw fruits and veggies, and live a simple life to lower stress is my formula . we do not need scientist to put together some HGH formula for us when nature has provided the ultimate in the BIG THREE, Propolis, royal jelly, and pollen. Ihave made many companions of men who feel they owe me for telling them about the ability of royal jelly to rejuvenate the the sex life, there is no product natural or synthetic that can produce the rock hard erection and EXPLOSIVE orgasym like royal jelly when takin on a empty stomach before sex. STAY WITH NATURE!

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