Bee Pollen in Apple Cidar Vinegar?

by Yasmina

Hi Angela, I just started taking BP for the past 2days and I'm sorting my way through the best way to take it. If i add bee pollen to my apple cider vinegar cocktail in the morning, will the vinegar harm the effects of the pollen? I did it this morning and had an instant boost of energy, however the pollen dissolved. Is it ok that they dissolved or does it need to be whole granules?

Angela's Comments:

Great idea! I really don't think it will harm the pollen and if you felt an instant boost in energy and vitality, I would suggest that maybe you are on to something. You may want to try mixing the pollen in the ACV for a week and then reverting back to ingesting your bee pollen on its own and paying careful attention to how you feel and respond. Your body will tell you which way is best! Please let me know how it goes as I'd love to post your results with our readers.


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May 10, 2023
by: D. J . SEITU

It appears,from enzyme research, that soaking bee pollen in water with a bit of ACV has nutraceitical benefits. The idea is to keep the soak at a stable pH and warm temp----with constant stirring or shaking for 4 hours----which in chemistry gets referred as "enzymatic hydrolysis" --- performed by the addition of fermentation enzymes, especially protease, via ACV, to the batch of bee pollen granules in "aqueous suspension."

May 11, 2017
try this to....
by: Anonymous

Natural organic honey ( warm is best do not refrigerate- honey is good indefinetely ) in honey mix CEYLON Cinnamon and Ginger ( always search for Natural and Organic ). Cinnamon does not dissolve hence why you want it in the warm honey first. Bee Pollen as well ( I use pellet form , yes this melts and hardly has a flavor that can be distinguished when added to something else , great with peanut butter ). Warm room temp coconut oil (again look for organic, natural ) 1-2 teaspoons, coconut water ( half cup ), apple cider vinagar, lemon juice ( each 1-2 tablespoons ) and 1/4 cup of warm water ( to help dissolve honey mixture ). Drink, enjoy the pep. This is great for all types of issues in the body. If you can afford Manuka Honey this is good for the honey, if not just go for natural, organic unfilted Raw ( mine is Madhava ).

Jul 09, 2015
My experience
by: Anonymous

I added bee pollen to apple cider vinegar and ended up in emergency . I had taken the bee pollen alone for weeks and had no adverse reaction . My experience

Feb 22, 2012
ACV with Bee Pollen Granules
by: Jared B.

I have been mixing this concoction for about a month and I still get a good boost of energy and have had some weight loss! I also had Saigon Cinnamon to the mix for flavor and pep!

8oz purified water
1 heaping teaspoon Bee pollen granules
1 Tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother
1/2 teaspoon of Saigon Cinnamon

I mix the ingredients with a spoon, stirring for 30-45 seconds. I then gulp it down quickly, usually in 2 or 3 gulps. It tastes decent, better than you would think.

Aug 04, 2011
Weight Loss/ACV/BEE Pollen???
by: Anonymous

How much of each product are you taking? have you seen any weight loss effects or anything other than increased energy?

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