Bee pollen & honey for working out

Just received my first shipment of product. First taste test between the bee pollen I have been using and yours - truly no comparison in taste; yours rocks! The royal jelly honey is the best I've ever tasted too, yum! So far I'm impressed.

Have a few questions:

1. Upon trying Propolis for the first time, I was surprised at the consistency. It tastes like wax. May sound silly, but do you keep chewing it until it dissolves?

2. My husband is going to take the products in hopes of gaining energy. He is a personal trainer in his own growing business so he puts in a lot of hours and uses a lot of his energy to train others. I ordered the royal jelly honey, bee pollen, and propolis. Can you recommend a regimen for using these to increase endurance/energy? When should he begin to realize that they may be helping?

3. Do you keep your royal jelly honey refrigerated? What about the SoHoMish?

Hope to hear from your soon. Will keep you posted on our progress using your products.

Thank you -

Hi There,
Glad to hear that your order arrived on time and that you are enjoying it. To answer your questions, yes, propolis is a resinous compound by nature so the waxy feel to it is completely normal. And yes, keep chewing it and you are able to swallow it.

As for your husband, a regiment I would suggest would be 1 tablespoon of bee pollen in the morning with his first meal. I highly recommend morning protein and fruit smoothies so he could mix his bee pollen and royal jelly honey right into this. This is a great way to start the day. Mid day or post workout I'd suggest another tablespoon of bee pollen with a teaspoon of honey. As he would know, this will aid in his glycogen replenishment as well as his recovery. He can add the propolis chunks in at any time throughout the day, but most people consume 1 - 3 chunks per day. Honey is very good at balancing energy levels so he should notice a difference quite quickly, even the first time he uses these products.

No need to keep the Royal Jelly Honey refrigerated. Honey will naturally preserve the royal jelly. The So Ho Mish can be stored at room temperature if you are using it within a reasonable time frame, say within 2 months. Longer than that it would be wise to keep it cool.

Hope that helps!

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