Bee pollen for high cholesterol and B-vitamin deficiency?

I have been taking bee pollen for approximately 6 weeks. I recently had a physical and blood work done and I have high cholesterol and my liver function numbers are a little low. Can the bee pollen aid in fixing these?

Secondly, I was wondering how exactly bee pollen removes toxins from the body? I can tell a huge difference in how I feel already. I was b-vitamin deficient and that seems to be much improved. I am also vitamin d deficient - that was not tested so I will have to just assume it has also improved.

Angela's Comments:

While there have been no studies done on bee pollen for cholesterol, I have observed anecdotally that it may help with this condition. Many of our customers have claimed that bee pollen has helped bring their cholesterol levels down over time and with consistent intake. It is my opinion that the high levels of b-vitamins in many bee pollen products as well as the magnesium and other essential fatty acids that aid in this. Again, this is just my opinion as there has been no definitive study done, nor is it likely that there ever will be.

You are likely feeling better so fast due to the high levels of b-vitamins found in many bee pollen products. The b-vitamins are especially important for energy production and if you were deficient, it is no surprise that you're feeling much better.

Certain minerals aid in the excretion of toxins in the body. For example selenium aids in the removal of certain heavy metals. Magnesium is also helpful for this.

Bee pollen can be quite high in minerals and vitamins, many of which act as anti-oxidants and help to prevent cellular damage caused by toxins in the body.

I would highly recommend you consider using royal jelly for your liver as well as your cholesterol. Royal jelly has been shown in studies to help with both conditions. I've listed the studies below:

Use Royal Jelly for Liver Health

To be honest, I was not aware that Royal Jelly had liver protective abilities until I read this study. And don't ever underestimate the importance of keeping your liver healthy - everything you ingest goes through it to be filtered. So your liver is ultra important to your overall health.

Believe me - I've met many people with toxic or impaired livers and it is a very challenging health situation which can often lead to liver cancer. Simply drinking tap water today will expose your liver to over 200 toxic compounds alone. This makes the protective effects of Royal Jelly even more important.

Scientists at University of Erciyes in Turkey fed royal jelly to mice that had been given a liver toxin. They found that the administration of royal jelly as a liver protective agent for only 7 days exhibited a marked protective effect on liver tissue from the liver toxin.

Royal Jelly for Cholesterol Control

A group of researchers in Japan decided to examine the effects of Royal Jelly on blood cholesterol levels in 15 volunteers.

They gave half the volunteers 6 grams of Royal Jelly per day for 4 weeks. Those taking the RJ saw their total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) decreased significantly compared with those who didn't get the RJ. HDL (the good cholesterol) levels didn't change in either group, nor did triglyceride levels.

So, it appears that Royal Jelly lowers bad cholesterol and total cholesterol while not harming good cholesterol levels. Amazing!

If your doctor is telling you to get your cholesterol levels down, perhaps Royal Jelly is a safer, natural option for you.

If you'd like to try out our royal jelly, email me at and I'll send you a $3.00 Off e-coupon.

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