Will Bee Pollen Thicken Hair?

by Barbara TiRo
(Manassa VA)

Will this product help thicken and grow my hair?

Hi Barbara,
Great question. We do see great results with bee pollen and hair health. Many customers have written in to tell us about faster, thicker hair as well as healthier nails. So yes, it is possible.

I find a higher success rate with people who use our bee pollen with a product called Collagen Plus. This combo is very, very powerful and I highly recommend it for thickening hair.


Have a read about it. This combination will also help with your skin and nails.

Bee healthy,

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Can Bee Pollen help with hair health?

by Louise
(Winnipeg Manitoba)

I am 49 years old and my hair is starting to fall out. Could be hormonal as I am now in Menopause. I know Bee Pollen has so many good health benefits. Can it help with hair strenth, hair growth ?

I live in Winnipeg Manitoba. Do you ship to winnipeg ? How much is the shipping?

Do you recomend been pollen capsules or granules.

Would royal gelly help as well ?


Hi Louise,
Great question. Yes, bee pollen absolutely helps with hair health. This benefit is the most common one we hear about from our customers regarding bee pollen. I'd also highly recommend you consider using something called Collagen Plus. You can read more about it here:


This product is amazing for hair health. You may also want to get your thyroid checked as hair loss is a common symptom of an thyroid not functioning properly. ThyroSmart works wonder for the thyroid.

So my protocol for you looks like this:

1. Bee Pollen - 1- 2 tablespoons per day
2. 30 drops of Collagen plus daily (taken all at once)
3. 2 caps daily of ThyroSmart

We do ship to Winnepeg yes.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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Bee pollen for hair growth

by gabby

how long does it take your hair to grow while taking bee pollen?

Angela's Comments:

Great question. It really varies from individual to individual. It also depends on several other factors including vitamin and mineral status (iron levels), Essential Fatty Acid status and also some hormonal issues (thyroid especially). That being said, using bee pollen for hair growth is quite effective for most people, especially when combined with the proper supporting nutrients. I have seen increased hair growth in as little as a couple of weeks (in a best case scenario) but a good time to expect results is more like a month.

If your hair is thinning, I recommend getting your thyroid checked immediately. This could be a cause of your thinning hair. If your thyroid is under-active, I recommend using ThyroSmart, which is available here and is an amazing, natural solution for underactive thyroid.


For maximum hair growth and to create strong, shinny hair, I recommend the following protocol:

1) 1 tablespoon of bee pollen granules per day.

2) Collagen Plus - 5 drops per day mixed in juice or water. Collagen is needed to make your hair strong and this product works wonders.


3) MultiSmart - this product contains the basic foundational minerals needed for healthy hair, skin and nails.


4) If you have low iron levels, it is vitally important that you supplement with a quality, non-constipating iron to boost hair growth. I only recommend IronSmart which is better absorbed and won't bother your gut. It also tastes amazing.


This protocol will have your hair growing stronger, faster and healthier in as little as 30 days. I use it myself daily and have used with dozens of clients over the years.

Bee healthy,

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How to treat hair loss with bee pollen?

I am wondering if there are proven products to treat hair loss due to DHT?

Angela's Response:

Great question. When you say 'proven' I am assuming that you mean scientific studies. In this case, no. There are none done on bee pollen and hair loss. We have received some feedback from customers telling us that their hair and nails grow in stronger and healthier when taking bee pollen but this is different that stopping hair loss due to DHT. The only thing that I am aware of natural that does this is the lignans found in flax seeds. Find yourself a good high lignan flax seed product and consume that regularly.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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Mar 04, 2017
eyebrows and eyelashes
by: Anonymous

Hi does it thicken and darken eyebrows and eyelashes?

Angela's comments:

I have not encountered this effect from bee pollen . This is not to say that it won't or can't...

Nov 04, 2015
Hair loss for I think hormonal,
by: Lorraine

I was wondering, I take Spirulina and vit. b-12 shots once a week. Can you take bee pollen with these as well? Oh, and I also take 10,000mcg. for hair loss. Please let me know.

Angela's Comments:

Yes you can Lorraine.

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