Dog allergic reaction to pollen

by marie
(Ontario, Canada)

Hi, my dog (5lb Chihuahua) has allergies and I thought I would at least try bee pollen to see if it could provide her some relief. She was constantly scratching her eyes and ears and I wanted to avoid an infection. I have heard about bee pollen being great for dogs so I gave it a try...but I didn't research dosage. So I gave her 1/8tsp (maybe less) and her eyes became more swollen and she seemed to be more itchy. Aside from not giving it to her, should I fast her? She did have diarrhea and seems a bit depressed.
Also, we are at beginning of pollen season here, so will giving her bee pollen even help this season or am I too late. How should I administer going forward?

Angela's Comments:

Hi Marie,
Give your dog no more than one granule per day for at least one week. If she exhibits no symptoms of allergy to the pollen, then you can increase to two granules. Continue this until you get up to a working dose of 1/8 teaspoon per day. If at any time she exhibits symptoms, back her dose back down and stay at that dose for several days.

Hope that helps,

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Nov 09, 2021
Wheezing after eating pollen
by: Louis

Hello my staffy wheezes sometimes and Ive been feeding him bee pollen for a couple months now, if he is allergic to the pollen should he have built an immunity to it by now or will he just keep reacting to it thank you.

Back his does way done to 1-2 granules per day and slowly increase his dose if he has no symptoms.


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Bee Pollen as a homeopathic remedy for my dog

My question is about using bee pollen as a homeopathic to potentially combat future reactions from bee stings. My dog has a terrible allergy to bee stings. It's such an awful thing to have when you're an active dog that likes frolicking in the grass and running on trails and inevitably encounters bees on a regular basis. She immediately has very strong symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, listlessness) and has to be rushed to the vet.

I'm a big believer in bee pollen and have been taking it regularly for years as a way to combat my own allergies with great results. I'm wondering if giving her a small amount daily might help her build up an immunity to bee stings in the future? If so, I'm wondering how much to give to a 20# dog?

Thank you very much in advance for your reply.

Hi Heather,
Great question. Unfortunately, giving your dog bee pollen will only help her develop an immunity to the pollens in the bee pollen product. Bee pollen doesn't have any bee venom in it whatsoever. Bee pollen does help regulate and balance the immune system so it might help her to not react as badly but I wouldn't take that to the bank! It certainly won't hurt to try but I understand your possible reluctance to 'experiment' with something like this on your dog. We do have many, many customers who give bee pollen to their dogs - we get reports of healthy, shiny coats, increased energy and vitality. Most dog foods are comprised of very low grade 'nutrition' and adding bee pollen to it will dramatically enhance the nutritional value.

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How much bee pollen should dogs take?

by Joni B.

Both my English Setter dog and I have chronic sinus problems. I have gone through 2 sinus surgeries and my dog has suffered through 2 episodes in the ER Vet and nearly died this last go around with from alergic reaction to
exposure to mold and sycamore leaves. What dose can I use for my dog?

She weighs 56 lbs now. A friend says her dog has benefited for the use of bee pollen and is now off harsh allergy medicine.

Angela's Response:

We recommend 1 tablespoon per 100 lbs for dogs/horses. So, being 56 pounds, I'd suggest a half tablespoon for your dog. Start her with a very small dose and work up from there over a couple of weeks.

Might be a good idea to read my page on how to take bee pollen:

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Is Bee Pollen safe for dogs?

by Paula
(Vancouver, WA)

Is it safe to give the dogs and what is the dosage?

Angela's Response:

Great question! Yes, it is very safe for dogs and we have many customers using bee pollen with their pets.

I always recommend starting animals off with the tolerance test that I recommend for humans.

Although bee pollen is not a drug, it is possible your pet could be sensitive to it so it's best that you're cautious when introducing them to it.

1) Place a few raw bee pollen kernels in their food on day one.

3) If you observe no adverse reaction after they've eaten the pollen, place slightly more granules in their food in one of their meals the following day. The most common side effect of bee pollen (very rare though) is hay fever/respiratory issues.

4) Continue increasing the number of granules in their food over a couple of weeks until you reach their full daily dose.

A basic recommended dosage for dogs is 1 teaspoon for every 50 pounds of body weight.

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Apr 01, 2018
by: Anonymous

Can bee pollen be used in an 11 week old pup?

Sep 21, 2015
by: Anonymous

I gave my dog pollen and now he is vomiting can hold his food down. Can anyone tell me will this calm down or can he be in trouble?

Feb 27, 2013
Bee Products for Cholesterol & Prostate
by: Mr. Paul

Every year I have a total Blood work up. This year I did two within a 3 month span. After 2 months of Bee Pollen, Propolis, Royal Jelly I have noticed a significant change in my serum readings. My Glucos dropped from 109-80. Prostate number dropped from 209 to 109, my Cholesteral dropped 32 points gaining in the HDL side. Can't get over how well I feel and how well I sleep. I have lost all cravings of sweets although I still gotta have some ice cream. So if anyone has doubts about bee products and its health benefits better think again, buy it and use it regularly.

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Can I give a Shih Tzu bee pollen?

by Elena
(Newark, DE, USA)

My little Shih Tzu is 8 years old and has allergies. She is on allergy medication but I would prefer going the natural route. Is bee pollen safe for her. Can I begin with a small amount of granuals in her food in hopes it will help. She scratches horribly because of airborne allergies if not on medication. Thanks for any information you could give me.

Angela's Comments:

Yes, we have many people giving their animals bee pollen with some success. As you mentioned, start out with only one or two granules and increase from there provided there is no reaction.

Bee healthy,

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Jan 27, 2023
Could my dog be allergic to bee polllen?
by: Aubrey

Now that I'm reading the comments on here I think we started our dog off maybe with too much we've been giving him about a quarter teaspoon per day of bee pollen. Today he is having diarrhea and is shaking and acting lame like he doesn't want to walk. Could this be due to an allergic reaction to the bee pollen? I plan on taking him to the vet I just wanted to rule this out.

Jan 08, 2016
Bee pollen with diabetic dog
by: Tonia Stevens

Will bee pollen granules help my 12 pound poodle that is 12 years old with diabetes, just found out that she is a diabetic and want to know if research has shown to lower sugar levels and benefit my poodle baby????? Please I am desperate for answers!

Angela's comments:

There is no research on bee pollen for diabetes (that I am aware of). There is research on raw honey and royal jelly so I'd be inclined to try either of those first.

Jun 29, 2015
How much Bee pollen in tablet form (500mg) should I Give my Staffordshire bull terrier? ..25 kilos in weight?
by: Lisa Lane

We recommend 1 tsp of bee pollen per 50 lbs. So you could give your pet 1 - 2 tablets. Start with half a tablet and work up from there.

Bee healthy,

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