Grass and Ragweed allergies

by David M.

I'd like to start on products Bee Pollen, honey etc. to help with my allergies. I'm 57 and grew up
in Albany, NY. I now live in Mississippi and have suffered with grass and ragweed allergies most my life. Please recommend 2 or 3 products that I should be taking on a daily basis to help me.
Do I need to get honey from Mississippi (Local).

Angela's Comments:

For grass and ragweed allergies, I'd highly recommend using bee pollen granules (work up to 2 tablespoons everyday) and our Pure Raw Honey (1 tablespoon per day). Now, you may not get great results this allergy season (as you're right in the middle of it) as both of these products work best if consumption is begun several months or more before. But you may so it is worth starting right away. You don't necessarily need to use local honey from immediately around you but in a perfect world, yes...that is best. We ship our raw honey all over north america and get good results so it is hard to say.

New studies are also coming out on bee propolis and its ability to help with the immune system and allergies so you may want to consider taking this as well.

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Seasonal allergies are killing me.

by Ian Vos
(Philadelphia, PA)


I've been suffering with allergies for years now. Every Spring it's tree pollen and in the Fall, hayfever(weeds). I have experienced some of the worst headaches, sinus inflammation, and infections from my allergies. I have tried almost everything under the sun, accupunture, homeopathic remedies from the health food store, over the counter drugs. Currently I my best relief comes from zyrtec -d and the neti pot. Neither of which I like to overdo. Sometimes my allergies are so bad they overwhelm me and nothing seems to work. It also kills me knowing that I never have really gotten better or been cured from my allergies.
So, recently one of my teachers, who also suffers seasonal allergies, said that he was going to give bee pollen a try.
I googled bee pollen and your site popped up. After reading all the info on your site I think I'm willing to give it a try as well.
Currently my allergy symptoms are bad. I am aware we are already in the middle of hayfever season, but is it too late to try a daily regimen of bee pollen and start feeling some relief of my symptoms?
What should I take? Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, local Honey from the farmers market? And how much?
Thanks for your help and reading my long letter.

Ian Voss

Angela's Comments:

Hi Ian. So sorry to hear that you are really suffering with your allergies. I can totally relate to you. My husband was in almost the exact
same situation as you a few years back until he discovered bee pollen and made some dietary changes. He is now almost completely allergy free.

It is hard to say if the bee pollen will help you this year but it is worth a try. Experience has shown me that the second summer is much better so I'd recommend trying to take the pollen starting now right through until next summer. But you never know how your system will respond. Be sure to follow my guidelines on how to properly and safely take bee pollen when starting out.

I'd also highly recommend you try some dietary modifications to help out with your allergies. I can not recommend enough doing a 2 week dairy fast (no dairy products at all) and observing to see if your allergies improve. Many allergy sufferers don't know they have a dairy sensitivity that is causing their immune systems to over-react. This one thing helped my husband beyond belief and has helped many of my clients as well.

If you'd like more info on the dietary sensitivity aspect of allergies, post your questions on the forum.

Comments for Seasonal allergies are killing me.

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Jun 15, 2011
So far so good
by: Tina Lewis Kansas City

I have been taking Bee Pollen since January and so far no allergy symptoms. I usually have problems in the Spring and in early Fall, with Fall being my worst time. I'm anxious to see how I do come then. My husband has been quite the skeptic but since he has seen me have no issues, I believe he is coming around to the idea that the Bee Pollen is really working. He has enjoyed not having to say one big "bless you" to cover me for the day because I used to sneeze so much and so hard my body would ache for days after I found relief. I am so happy I Googled bee pollen and found your website.


Jun 14, 2011
Bee Pollen got rid of my allergies
by: Alan G

I started taking bee pollen a few years ago in the summer primarily as an immune booster and it has worked very well. I hardly ever get sick anymore. The biggest surprise to me was that the following spring my allergies were much milder than the year before and by the end of the summer I hardly had any allergic reactions. It was then I did further research into bee pollen and I read that it was good for treating allergies. The following spring my allergies were gone. This year while so many people I know are complaining about this being the worst allergy season they have encountered in a while, I am allergy free.

Sep 21, 2010
by: Rachel, Michigan

I second Angela's recommendation to go without dairy. I have relief within a day to 3 days. However, mucuous in sinuses can also harbor bacteria, viruses and fungus/yeast which can turn into sinus infection. At first I didn't recognize this and attributed it all to allergies and had a hard time getting relief even without dairy, though that helps as it is mucogenic. I highly recommend neti pot 2-3 times per day until the infection is beat. Then you can tell what is going on with the actual allergies. I have an email that I have typed up for allergy sufferers. I am working on a website with links to other helpful sites and supplemental/dietary regimens to work at root-cause healing. Feel free to email me and ask for it.

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I have horrible allergies. Which bee pollen should I take?

by Tammy

Angela, I read over your website and it is very informative. Thank you. I live in Alabama and have horrible allergies that don't seem to be helped
by RX or over the counter products. I would like to try bee pollen, but am not sure which one I need to purchase. My question to you is which bee pollen do I take? Do I need the one that has both Royal Jelly, as well as the propolis? Do I just need the bee pollen? Would you suggest capsules or tablets?

Angela's Comments:

I would recommend you start with raw bee pollen granules. Follow my guidelines in How to Take Bee Pollen (can be found on my site) and slowly introduce it into your system while avoiding allergic reactions. I would suggest starting out with just one supplement and not introducing royal jelly along with the bee pollen at the same time. Introducing both at the same time can sometimes cause 'healing reactions' which aren't always pleasant. Introduce royal jelly once you are comfortable taking bee pollen and tolerate it well. Usually this is after at least a month of taking pollen.

I would recommend propolis for allergies as well as it is showing promise in studies. Again, I would introduce this at a later date and not at the same time as the bee pollen or royal jelly.

Here is one study:

Propolis May Help Treat Allergies

An amazing health benefit of propolis is it's ability to calm the symptoms of seasonal allergies.
Scientists gave propolis to rats for two weeks and found that it significantly inhibited histamine release from the rats mast cells. Histamine is the compound in the body that makes you sneeze, gives you watery eyes and a runny nose - it generally makes your life difficult. Anti-histamines are the main allergy drugs sold over the counter.

The scientists went on to say that their results clearly demonstrated that propolis may be effective in the relief of symptoms of allergic rhinitis through inhibition of histamine release.

So come allergy season, don't only take your bee pollen but add a daily dose of propolis!

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I have bad allergies to pollen, trees and grasses.

by George M.

I have been having a strong allergic reaction for the past 4 months which manifests itself as hives, rash and itching. Recently a dermotologist did a skin screening and I'm a 4 on a scale of 4 max as allergic to all grasses, weeds and trees except Ponderosa Pine. Usually in the spring I have typical runny nose, sneezing allergies which I control with Singulair but this year my reaction is different. My question is will Bee Pollin taken as you recommend really set me off on a severe reaction? Maybe your experience can help form an informed opinion.

Angela's Response:

Hi George,
It is unlikely that if you start with one or two granules of pollen and slowly work up to 1 or 2 teaspoons over a 30 day period that you'll have a severe reaction. It is possible that you'll feel some mild allergy symptoms when you begin taking bee pollen but most people find that these subside within a week or two.
My husband scored the same results as you on his allergy test to pollens, trees, grasses (he was literally off the chart). I put him on bee pollen a number of years back and he would get mild allergy symptoms upon ingestion but these subsided within 10 days. This is not to say that you'll get the exact same response, but this is a common response that we see.
As always, exercise caution when taking a new supplement. Start slow and observe your body's reaction at all times. If you feel odd/weird/strange, stop taking the supplement or take a few days off.

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Bee pollen for allergies - too late to start taking?

by Brooke
(Palo Alto, Ca)

Hi Angela~
I love your website! I live in Northern Ca, and my aunt said there should only be a few weeks left of allergy season. How long does it take the body to make antibodies, if I started taking the bee pollen now would it make a difference? I wished I would have known about this a few months ago, and bee pollen will definitely be a part of my diet for next years pre-allergy season.
Also, I started with a few granules last night and had no problem, and did 1/2 teaspoon today (that is what is said to do on the bottle I got a whole foods). Is that too rapid of an increase?
~Brooke (

Angela's Response:

Hi Brooke!
Great questions! Glad you're enjoying the site. Normally (and I say that somewhat hesitantly) it takes more than a few weeks of bee pollen consumption to help balance the immune system. BUT, there are exceptions and everyone is physiologically different. It is unlikely that you'd get any relief from taking bee pollen now with only a few weeks of allergy season left but its not impossible. The many other health benefits that bee pollen can give you might make it worth taking now. Like I say in my articles, it is often the second season of bee pollen consumption that people find the best results.

With regards to the increase in pollen that you're taking - no, that is not to much, especially since you seem to be handling it well. If you had some mild allergy symptoms upon taking those small doses, I'd suggest backing off.

Bee Healthy,

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by Garrett Cox
(Broken Arrow, Ok)

In you opinion what is better to try to control seasonal allergies? Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, or Honey?

Angela's Comments:

I always suggest bee pollen as the first line of defense against seasonal allergies. If you can, consume pure, raw honey at the same time (it is quite inexpensive) but if you have to pick one, use raw bee pollen. For those that do take both, we find that 1 - 2 tablespoons of bee pollen and 1 tablespoon of raw honey works well.

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Bee pollen for my allergies

by lynne galligan

I have had allergies for about 20 years( really sometimes I can't leave the house because I need to keep a cold cloth on my eyes, because they itch so much.) Every spring I get flu-like symptoms - mine are so bad. About 2 years I saw a man (Dave Hebert) selling bee pollen at a Boston trade show at Xmas time. I bought some and starting taking it all winter. By the time spring rolled around my allergies were about 50% better. Now I am on my second year and I haven't even taken a allergy pill yet. My husband is shocked!! He makes me take it every morning. One teaspoon mixed with peanut butter on toast - "it works."

I fold my toast in half because it doesn't taste that good.......

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Local bee pollen for allergies?

by Dawn Daoust
(Sturgeon Bay,Wi)

Hi! I was told that in order for bee pollen to be effective for treating allergies it need to be local. Do you know how I would go about finding local Door County Bee Pollen? I have used search engines to come up with businesses to no avail.

Hi Dawn,
This is not entirely true - while local is optimal, it is not practical for most people as very few of use are lucky enough to have a local bee pollen producer. We have found over the years that using a high quality bee pollen from North America still helps many people with their allergies due to the immune modulating effects of bee pollen.

Hope that helps. I am not familiar with Door County pollen so I apologize.

Bee healthy,

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Hay Fever Allergies


I am constantly suffering my allergies for abput 2-3 years now. I get constant headaches, sneezing, throat irritation and just general malaise. More like Hay fever, I have been taking Allegra-D on a daily basis but yet still I continue to suffer. Besides, I would rather take a natural supplement, can you help me please?


Hi Keisha,
I would recommend you read my articles on this topic here:

I'd also recommend looking into Propolis:

(see #7 on this page)

Hope this helps!


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Allergies despite taking bee pollen each day

by Alex

So I got rid of my cat, eat almost only organic food and drink Apple cider vinegar 2-3 time a day, drink smoothies, eat my spoon of bee pollen every day twice and I still get allergies more then ever.

So I don't get it. Also I get constipation despite all the healthy stuff I do, and I drink a lot of water. Any help?

Angela's Comments:

I see cases such as yours all the time. I am quite sure that your allergies are related to food sensitivities. In fact, I have worked with many people who once they determined their food sensitivities and eliminated these foods from their diet, eliminated 90% of their allergy symptoms almost immediately. Before I go any further, do you consume dairy products and wheat products such as bread and pasta on a regular basis?

Feel free to email me at

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