How much bee pollen to take for fatigue and adrenal exhaustion?

by Leandro Hill
(Santa Fe, Argentina)

Hello! amazing page!! I am writing to you from Argentina! I like to know how much I have to take dialy (I am fatigated all time, i sleep bad, I am loosing hair...I think I have a lot of simpthoms of adrenal fatigue...) and for how much time I have to do it!

Thank you so much, sorry for the mistakes!

* I am male, 24 years old.

Hello Leandro,
I would start slowly with small amounts and work up to 2 full tablespoons per day. Do this over one month. I would also suggest you consider using royal jelly with the bee pollen at the same time, perhaps 2000 mg - 4000 mg per day.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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Adrenal fatigue?

by Carrie

Hi I am on thyroxine, recently have been feeling so exhausted. I was using spirulina, wheatgrass and maca, also royal jelly. But I have had my cortisol and liver tests done (waiting results). Dr thinks could be adrenals. Am I taking too much to cause adrenals to fatigue? The reason for taking these was my progesterone was low along with oestrogen and testosterone. I have ordered some bee pollen but should I stop all the rest? Thnx for your help.

Angela's Comments:

Hi Carrie,
Those supplements shouldn't fatigue your adrenals. In fact, a supplement like maca or royal jelly should support them. Chances are that your adrenals were fatigued before you started them. Unless your Dr. tells you to stop, there is no reason to discontinue those supplements.

If your adrenals are fatigues, consider the product AdrenaSmart.

Bee healthy,

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