"Spotting" after taking bee pollen

by Jess

I started taking bee pollen 3 days ago, and am on the Depo shot for birth control. I only menstrate lightly for a few days before my next shot is due. My next shot is 2 months away. By day 3 of taking the pollen I started experiencing spotting and actual light blood flow... I admit, I didn't follow the directions of a little bit day to day- I did start day one with very little, then took half a teaspoon, then a full teaspoon. I'm wondering if its related to the high levels of Rutin found in the pollen that may be causing the menstral flow. I'm not sure what I should do... Other than this one effect, I'm feeling just fine.
Thanks for any info!

Hi Jess,
What I suggest is back your daily dose of bee pollen down until you stop spotting. If you get down to a few granules then you may have to stop taking it all together. Bee pollen has been known to do this in some women.

Post here how things go. I'd love to be able to pass this info on to our readers for their reference.

Bee healthy,

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Feb 08, 2017
by: Anonymous

I am taking a natural supplement with roayl jelly/propolis/bee pollen and honey with no additives and all natural. I have been taking it daily for 2 months, at least this month and now I experienced spotting 5 days before period, usually I have no spotting before my period only the day before. Can bee products be the cause of spotting inbetween periods?
Best Regards

Yes they can Bee. While I wouldn't say this is common, it does happen.


Oct 13, 2014
Royal jelly the cause of late period?
by: Anonymous

Hi. Just want to ask if the royal jelly (pappa reale fresca) i am taking is the cause of my late period? I am 2 days late now but before i am a regular 28 days cycle. I'm so worried. Please help me. I started taking royal jelly last oct 2 then I decided to stop oct 12. I need some advice. Thank u in advance.

Angela's comments:

You only took the royal jelly for 10 days so it is unlikely that it is the cause. It is possible though.

Sep 04, 2014
Royal Jelly Changing Ovulation
by: Angela

Potentially as it has been known to stimulate ovulation. Usually takes about 2-3 cycles to normalize.

Jul 19, 2014
will royal jelly change ovulation and your cycle?
by: Dalonsha

Will Royal Jelly change your ovulation and your cycle? Thanks.

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Can bee pollen cause my period to stop?

Can taken bee pollen make u miss or delay your period.

Angela's Comments:

I don't see why bee pollen would cause this. While anything is possible with a superfood or supplement, I would be surprised if the bee pollen is causing this. The only way to know for sure is to stop consuming the bee pollen and see if your period comes back. Then go back on the bee pollen and see if it stops again.

Let me know your results.

Bee healthy,

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Getting my period while on bee pollen

by Tinker bell
(Ohio )

I have never had a period till taking bee pollen now I spot everyday while taking the product. Should I be concerned or will this be harmful if I continue to use it?

Angela's Comments:

It depends. I need to know which product you are using - is it one of the bee pollen diet pills that are on the market? If so, I'd strongly consider stopping.

Bee healthy,

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Jun 02, 2019
Missed my period for 2 months now.
by: Silvia

Can lolanda plus tell me which bee pollen product she is on. I have the same situation as hers but mine hasn't shown up since I started taking bee pollen for the past 2 months. Mine are in capsules. Should I start taking the granules or stop completely? I love bee pollen and I feel bad about it.

Jun 04, 2016
Back on my period since using Bee Pollen
by: Iolanda

I am a 48 years old woman; I have had an irregular period since 4/5 months due to pre menopause.. However since one month ago I have started to take daily Bee Pollen, as I have heard is one of women's best allies. And this morning I got my period again!
I guess it is due to the hormones contained in it?
Thank you

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Does bee pollen effect menstruation?

by Gerrie

Does bee pollen capsules effect menstrual cycles?

Angela's Comments:

Hi Gerrie,
Can you be more specific in how it is effecting your cycle.

It really shouldn't effect it - I'd be surprised if it was causing anything. Ultimately, the only way to be sure is to stop taking the bee pollen and see if the symptom you're experiencing goes away.

Bee healthy,

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Apr 28, 2021
Made PMS worse
by: Anonymous

I started taking a teaspoon of bee pollen a day, and after taking it. I started light cramping and bleeding which was 5 days before my period was due. I ended up being 3 days late. So I spotted, bled & cramped for 8 days and then bled heavier than normal with pain while taking bee pollen. Once I stopped, bleeding lessened. I’m like clockwork with only 3-7 days of bleeding per cycle. It turned into 14 while taking it. I had to stop taking it. Has anyone else had this?

Jun 13, 2018
Shortened periods.
by: Anonymous

I've normally had periods that last around 3/4 days but they have recently reduced down to 2/3 days. I don't know if its my age (37) or if its maybe something to do with taking bee pollen

Any advice would be great.


Try stopping the bee pollen and see if it normalizes.


Jul 04, 2016
No menstruation since propolis
by: Manuela

I (29) started taking propolis a few weeks ago. Now I am two weeks overdue with my period. Normally it is really no problem, 28 days rhytum.
I feel, since two, three weeks, like my period would start immediately. Abdominal pain as always but no period.
Otherwise i feel like always, no problems or irregularities.
I stopped taking propolis 4 days ago and until today no sign of menstruation.

Can propolis be the reason?

It could be Manuela. Did your period start again after stopping the propolis?


Oct 13, 2015
Late Period
by: SaraCyn

I've been suffering from the same thing. My periods used to be very irregular but they now come every month like clock work.

I'm currently 2 weeks late - with no signs of it showing (I am very in tune with my body and can normally tell when my period will happen - up to a week in advance).

Bee pollen is the only thing new to my diet. I would really appreciate more information because I don't want to stop taking it if I don't have to. It has been doing wonderful things for other chronic ailments that I have.

Jul 02, 2015
Bee pollen - missed period
by: Anonymous

I have been taking bee pollen capsules for about two weeks now and my period is 5 days late.

Mar 19, 2015
Missed period due to bee pollen use
by: Anonymous

Even I have been using Bee pollen for the past two months. I never missed my period.It used to work like a clock.
I am not pregnant, but I periods are due for 19 days !!
I am worried.

Feb 07, 2014
Late Period
by: Anonymous

Having a similar issue. Began taking the Xi Ziu Tang (?) bee pollen pills a few weeks ago, and am currently almost two weeks late which is very weird for me. Hope I don't go 2-3 months like other comments are saying. I stopped taking them 5 days ago, and still nothing.

Aug 25, 2013

by: Anonymous

I am 21 and I'm having the same problem I have always gotten my period like clock work until I took the pills and I have not had mine for almost three months!!

Angela's Comments:

I would recommend you stop taking whichever brand of bee pollen diet pills it is that you're taking. As I've mentioned many times, there are very questionable ingredients in many of these bee pollen diet products that are are unsafe in my opinion. Bee pollen is quite safe and is likely not the ingredient that is causing this issue. It is the other ingredients that manufacturers are putting in the product that is causing the many side effects we are seeing.

For safe but highly effective tips on how to lose weight quickly and naturally without negative side effects, view my page here:


Angela, RNCP

Jun 09, 2013
bleeding in between/cramping
by: Anonymous

i started the pollen 4 days ago, my period isnt due til the 17th, i had cramping last night & bleeding today, dont know if ill still get a reg period or not....this bothers me; dont think ill take any more of it.

Dec 21, 2012
Menstrual cycle
by: Anonymous

Do you have any update on the period situation? I started taking it about a month ago and still no period as well.I know I'm not pregnant . Just wondering if you had any update on it?

Sep 22, 2012
by: Anonymous

My cousin went a couple, (2-3 months) without her period. I'm now over-do for mine. I've taken mulitable tests and I'm clear. I'm not pregnant. Not sure if this helps. I still have NOT gotten my period. I started using this about two months ago and I've never had a problem with my menstrual cycle before this. I am 30 years old. If anything, I'm ALWAYS early. At my age, this concerns me. I do not want to do damage to myself because I want children.

-I tried looking this up but there isn't much information about it. So, here's alittle more. :)

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