Bee pollen and royal jelly for weight loss

by Steven
(disla Steven)

Hello i ran into this pill the other day called zi xiu tang bee pollen and i was wondering if you can help me determine if this pill is legit. I also wanted to if you start taking these bee pollen tabs on your website how long will it take to start see any type of weight loss. I would really appreciate your help and any other advises you can give me..also can you please email me your response at
i would really appreciate the help and effort.

Hi Steven,
Yes, the Zi Xiu product is legit. I would suggest you read some of my comments on it here before you buy it however:

It has been my experience that bee pollen can aid in effective fat loss. Why this is has not be scientifically validated but I have my reasons that I believe it helps. I have written at length about them here:

There are some bee pollen products on the market that aggressively claim to aid in weight loss and make plenty of promises. The most popular one is called Zi Xiu Tang. It is rather deceiving in its claims as it is not a bee pollen product alone. It has several other ingredients in it, the primary one being green tea. Green tea is a very effective fat loss supplement and I highly recommend taking green tea along with bee pollen for maximum effect. The bee pollen in the Zi Xiu Tang product is from China which raises concerns for me about the quality of the ingredients.

Our product, if taken before meals helps to increase the feeling of fullness (satiety) while also increasing vitamin and mineral levels which may help control blood sugar and the metabolism.

I recommend royal jelly as well for weight loss as it is showing in studies that it may boost the metabolism.
Bee healthy ~ Angela

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Nov 04, 2013
by: Andy

I can agree with the comments regarding the Needak Rebounder.


May 02, 2011
weight loss & Perfect Health
by: Brigadoon

OK, everyone listen up ? I have worked with the Lymphatic system for almost 25 years. If you want to truly have perfect health, Build new bone mass, Oxygenate all of your cells, Form new collagen, Loose weight & yes even Firm up the whole body ?

Then you need to re-bound on a small trampoline ? There are only 2 movements you use and your feet never leave the mat.

When you buy your trampoline make sure it has the springs. (I bought mine from Needak Rebounders USA (I have had mine for almost 25 years) and of course take lots of bee pollen & royal jelly.

PS: the 2 movements are ?heel ? toe? and up&down ? start slow and work up to 15 minutes AM & PM ? (15 minutes on the rebounder is the same for the body as a 1 hour jog).

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