Bee Pollen and Multi-Vitamins

I am an adult presently taking Bee Pollen capsule (550 mg) once a day. Is it good (or bad) to take it along with my multi-vitamin, calcium supplement, vision supplement, and d-3 supplement (which I do)?

Angela's Response:

In my opinion, yes, it is a good idea to use a daily multi-vitamin along with bee pollen. What you've indicated you're presently taking is very safe and reasonable while also having some excellent health benefits. I feel that using bee pollen along with a multi-vitamin each day is necessary due to the significant drop in nutrients levels that our foods have undergone over the last 50 - 75 years as well as the tremendous increase in processed and refined foods that we now eat. Combine that with the fact that we are bombarded with a huge amount of toxins each day and we have an increased need for vitamins, minerals, enzymes, anti-oxidants and other phyto-nutrients to protect us.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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