Bee Pollen and Insomnia

by Rhonda
(Santa Cruz, CA)

My sleep is already iffy. I normally wake up at 1 or 2am and cannot get back to sleep until 5am or so. But if I take bee pollen I don't even fall asleep at all and don't get to sleep until 5:30am or so. During the day yesterday I had never felt better (my second day of taking it, I only took a large pinch of granules this day). I was more focused and happier in general and no fatigue as my usual self is. So in the past I tried this and same thing happened. I just bought this because I forgot that in the past it caused insomnia. I really want to take the bee pollen granules which I add to smoothies by the way. I love the energy and happiness it brings me, i really need it. So have you heard in the past if someone that it has caused insomnia to had any luck with going slowly.? I am always stimulated by things that help most people and do not cause them insomnia.. It seems I am sensitive to things in that area but not in the allergy side effect area. Will I benefit from going slowly like someone with allergies to this would? Also, do you know why it is causing insomnia.? Is it the B vitamins stimulating my brain, is this stimulating my adrenals? What is causing it. I only take this at 9am or so by the way, never later in the day...please help.. I want to enjoy the good benefits without the lack of sleep..


Hi Rhonda,
Yes, I would recommend you try starting out with very, very small amounts and slowly increasing ONLY if you are able to sleep.

Bee healthy,

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Jan 30, 2024
Bee pollen can cause insomnia
by: Anonymous

I never had insomnia or sleep related disorder in my life. 2 weeks ago, I started taking powder bee pollen for my well-being. After that I had insomnia and sudden awakens during night 5-6 times. I didn't realize it is because of bee pollen. I have searched but nothing appeared side effect like insomnia. Personally, I have experienced bee pollen may cause sleep problems.

Jan 20, 2023
sleep issues
by: Ann

I am so glad I found this sight. I can't find anywhere on the web that lists insomnia as a potential side effect. That's to bad, I wasted my money like so many other people have. I have had sleep issues for a long time, therefore I'm on meds plus melatonin to help, and they do. After starting this in the morning, I did feel great, but as the day went on I was still full of energy, like I had had a large cup of coffee. Anyway, I did not sleep for 4 nights, it was very frustrating until I stopped taking the supplement. I'm back to sleeping again, but it took a day or so to get out of my system. I do hope they start listing this as a possible side affect, it's a very important issue that others with sleep problems should know about before purchasing.

Dec 30, 2020
by: Cynthia

I’ve take it for 3 days and I can’t believe the energy I have. I did experience some insomnia last night. Will it eventually go away? What is the appropriate amount to take? Thanks.

Sep 29, 2020
Bee Pollen
by: Anonymous

Tried the Power pollen makes you feel better but I would like some sleep as do shift work been taking them charging me up then have to take sleeping tablets to try to get some sleep

Apr 04, 2020
BEE POLLEN ~ insomnia
by: Anonymous

Took bee pollen for 2 days & felt awesome but on the 3rd day experienced total insomnia. Hadn't made the connection so took another dose on the 4th day & had insomnia again. It's a bummer because it's so uplifting & resolves fatigue.

Jul 30, 2019
Exactly like first comment
by: Anonymous

Felt great first 2 days (one level spoon bee pollen in morning) by day 3 could not sleep or up every hour when I did sleep. Quit for now but like energy of the first 2 days so might go back to it way smaller doses.

Yes, try much smaller doses. :)

Sep 11, 2018
Insomnia and Propolis
by: Mike

I feel like Ana,
tested only one piece ( of propolis, milled and extracted by alcohol 40%. Can‘t sleep the hole night.

A das before same sized piece without alcohol just chewed in the mouth, no sideeffects , more focused and good sleep.

I am diagnosed with a thyroid disease, maybe i am sensitiv.
Be careful with the dosage.


Jan 16, 2018
Royal Jelly and insomnia
by: Amy

I'm having this issue with royal jelly! It's used by others to help with insomnia, but when I take it I have trouble getting to sleep that day (even if I take a low dose and only in the morning) and wake up early. I also get insomnia if I take eleutherococcus, or eat chocolate at night, (or eat coffee ice cream at night) so it would seem that I am a little sensitive!

Jul 31, 2016
by: Ana

Hi Rhonda,

I have never had insomnia in my life and about a week ago, i started taking bee pollen for menopause. Since then, i could,'t sleep anymore. I don't know what is going on, but today i decided to stop taking it, because these last days i have been so tired duing the day for not being able to sleep properly, that i find bee pollen not adequate for me.


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