Bee pollen and cancer?

by Andy H.

Hi there i just recieved a bag of granual pollen and i was wondering how much i should take i have cancer and heard lofs of goodthing about this product and would like to try it

thnx Andy

Hi Andy,
Thank you for contacting me. While there is no 'scientifically verified' dose of pollen to take each day while undergoing cancer treatment, I have observed people have success with higher doses - greater than 2 tablespoons per day. If you decide to use pollen while under treatment, be sure to let your health care providers know what you are taking. I recommend working with a Naturopathic Doctor if possible. You might also want to consider looking at some of the beneftis of propolis. It is being studied extensively right now on cancer cells and showing great promise.

Propolis Boosts Prostate Cancer Cell Death
Prostate cancer is a commonly diagnosed cancer in men. But there is exciting news regarding this deadly disease - one of the health benefits of propolis appears to be that it prevents and suppresses this type of cancer.

Scientists examined the cancer killing effects of propolis tincture on two common types of prostate cancer in the lab.

They concluded that propolis tincture markedly improved cell death in prostate cancer cells and suggested the significant role of propolis in chemoprevention of prostate cancer.
Propolis Shows High Antimicrobial, Anti-Cancer Activity
Scientists recently decided to look at the anti-cancer and anti-microbial potential of propolis at the same time.

First they exposed propolis to four different pathogens. As those of us who've used propolis to kill many colds have known for years, the propolis showed very strong antimicrobial activity.

The scientists then tested propolis against colon cancer cells. They found that it caused the cancer cells to die by necrosis, which means that it interrupted the blood supply to the cell and caused just the local cancer cells to die and NOT healthy, living cells.

Chemotherapy does the opposite of this - it kills both healthy living cells and the cancer cells and is the reason why chemo has such violent and devastating side effects.

Ultimately, this research is very promising. Some of the longest living peoples in the world have experienced the health benefits of propolis and other bee products for generations. This exciting new research may be indicative of why these people live such long, healthy lives and have such high rates of centenarians amongst them.

Bee healthy ~ Angela

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Nov 08, 2012
Propolis for cancer?
by: Anonymous

Which of these product is good for someone that has cancer of the spine and brain. She has had several surgery,another growth was seen again in the brain a few weeks ago.

Angela's Comments:

Neither bee pollen nor propolis have ever been tested in humans against cancer cells. Propolis is showing good results in vitro (in test tube studies) against some cancers. I would recommend you find a very good integrated health clinic that has experience dealing with advanced cancers. The Life Extension Foundation is a good source for these clinics.

Bee healthy,

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