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Jul 24, 2012
Severe Allergy
by: Stacey

I purchased my bee pollen from a woman at a farmers market. She completely mis informed me about the dosage. She advised me to take a teaspoon, sprinkle it in my yogurt, basically she said to have fun with it. I tasted approximately 1/2 teaspoon. Immediately, I developed a severe sore throat but did not consider that it was the bee pollen, with in 15 minutes I had sever burning in my stomach, because I was drinking a cup of coffee, I attributed it to the caffeine. With in 30 minutes the skin on my entire body was blood red, I felt like I was on fire, with in minutes after my skin turning red I experienced difficulty breathing. Thank goodness my daughter who is an RN was with me. When my extremities started turning blue she called 911. I was strongly advised by the ER physician to never consume the pollen again because allergies get stronger with exposure. Due to this episode I will likely have severe reactions to bee stings.

Feb 01, 2012
Honey allergy - can I take bee pollen?
by: Anonymous

Do you know if having an allergy to honey would be reflected in response to bee pollen. My allergy is guite sever with hives and interference in by breathing. I would like to take advantage of the good effects of your prodect but fear what it mite do to me. I have had caner twice and both hips replaced and have lost 3/4 of my thyroid. I can not take risks. Thank you for your response.

Angela's Comments:

If you allergic to honey, then in most cases you will be allergic to bee pollen. This is not the case for everyone, but it is generally the rule as there is often small pollen particles in honey. If you do decide to try bee pollen, start with the granules and only take one small granule to start. And it would be wise to have some Benadryl on hand or to work with your Dr.

Bee healthy,

Jan 31, 2012
by: Anonymous

I'm having every reaction there is - anxiousness, itching, swollen face, itchy eyes, runny rose, all this after about 4 days of only taking ONE a day - I THINK one day I took 2..I have 1000 mg capsules. When I bought them, the desciption said 520 mg and I noticed tonight they are actally 1000 mg. Anyway..MAIN question - HOW long till this stuff gets out of your system? I want to feel normal again and this is pure HELL. I won't be stupid enough to take it again thats for sure. Not after a reaction like this! I'm already disabled and dont need to feel any worse!
Thank you

Angela's Comments:

First of all, I would suggest that you stop taking bee pollen immediately. (which you've done) I'd also say that you need to start out with much smaller amounts of bee pollen. We start people on the bee pollen granules with one or two tiny granules per day. So you'd need to open the capsules and dump out a very small amount and slowly increase the amount only after not reacting to it. I would suggest taking a few weeks off of bee pollen first and only if you feel confident trying again with a tiny, tiny amount. And as always, consult a pharmacist or Dr. if your symptoms persist.

Hope that helps,

Mar 17, 2011
Too much pollen for my little body? Allergic reaction?
by: Anonymous

Hi my family has bee hives all over southern california. Of course I knew about taking the bee pollen in small doeses and this morning I took about half a tablespoon just not thinking and it made my tongue tingle for almost an hour and i have been vommiting off and on since then, other than the dry eyes and stomach pains I havent had any other problems, my sister told me to drink a lot of water and i have been but its been 4 hrs and I still feel terrible, any advice?

Angela's Response:

I'd suggest going to the pharmacy and speaking with your local pharmacist. This is a pretty strong reaction and if you feel terrible, you may want to consider taking an allergy medication just to get things under control. Clearly you've had a significant reaction that is not to be taken lightly. Please let me know how you make out.


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