by Brigadoon

Hi Mark & Angelia & our buddies the beez!!

Each year (just before the Hugh massive 5,000 booths Trade Show in Anaheim Calif). I set down and review the vendors I do business with

Last year 2013 had been a very very busy year for me - Finishing my Rebounding course and my Bee Venom course & also back home in Honolulu Hawaii - learning how to give bee stings) and traveling to Italy etc, etc. And of course still giving my clients the attention they need to continue their health goals & results

I work with the Lymph system on a cellular & molocule bases - also using the mini-trampoline(rebounding)which creates a perfect Lymph system

Along with creating a health drink & a health cereal for my clients - yes it has been non-stop.

Now I am into 2014 and ready to visit the many vendors at the Trade Show. However, after I sat down and really looked at the products I am getting massive results with - I find that the following products have made a major impact with my clients skin and overall health goals. (Younger Better skin, Weight loss and bringing back their "Real Essence of Vitality"

So-Ho Mish cream & Bee Venom Ointment for renewed translucent skin

Raw Honey (too many fabulous wonders to list that Honey supplies)

Bee Pollen for over all complete health

Royal Jelly - brings the Hormones back in balance as God & Mother Nature truly intended no matter what your age.

Min-Trampoline (Rebounding to re-create a total healthy Lymph system - which rewards the body with not only weight loss, but also firms up the entire body) When you have a healthy Lymph system you have "Perfect Health for Life"

(I am hoping that someday you will make a So-Ho Mish or Royal Jelly soap that does not have the added essential oils (sorry if I keep bugging you on this).

Last year when I went to the Trade Show - I did not see anything or any products that could even begin to compare with what you have taken such care in providing to everyone

So you see I simply can not figure out what - if anything - would or could ever replace such quality that your little Canada Beez are bringing to the US.

I want to Thank You for helping Mother Nature in Bringing all of the Beehive products to us
- Simply because your products truly work



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Feb 13, 2014
Bee Magic Bee Yummmy
by: Anonymous

I have used the soho mish cream and there other products and I agree they are realy realy great quality

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