Appearance of Raw Honey

by June
(Western Australia)

Hi Angela,

Thank you for a very educational website you have here.

One question I have though, is whether raw honey is necessarily solid at room temperature?

I am not certain because as I was looking at pictures of your honeys, I saw liquid ones, as well as golden-brown clear ones, both of which you seem to be saying should not be the case with raw and unfiltered honeys.

Also, as I was shopping for honey, I was told that various raw honeys take different amounts of time to candy. Hence, raw honey need not be solid at room temperature at the point of purchase. Is this right?

However, I do prefer raw, solid honey, full of 'substances' visible throughout the honey, especially at the top.


Hi June,
Great question. You are absolutely correct in that raw honeys' take different amounts of time to candy. As for our products, we only sell one Raw Honey. Our liquid honey products are not raw. They are unpasteurized but filtered and lightly heated.

Our Raw Honey will candy/solidify quite quickly. It is bottle liquid but hardens within a week to 10 days. So yes, it doesn't need to be solid at time of purchase. Place it on a cool floor to speed the hardening process up.

You can see our Raw Honey here:

Bee healthy,

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Apr 19, 2013
Thank You!
by: A. Casey

This is the answer I have been looking for! Completely cleared up the confusion I had regarding raw vs. unpastureized -- why raw is solid and unpasturized can be liquid. I was starting to get the impression that ALL liquid honey had been pastureized. Good to finally understand. :)

Feb 16, 2013
by: Anonymous

Thanks, Angela! :D

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