Allergic reactions to ear candles made of beeswax

by Beth

This may seem really random, but I have been doing ear candling for a couple of years with our whole family. (Maybe 1 time per year). The last time I did this, I bought the candles from a local nutrition store in Utah, and they were made differently than the others I had bought.
Anyway, I used them for my one daughter's ears, and then I did one ear on my son. That was Monday. Now they both have red rashes coming out of their ears, and are complaining of a burning/itching sensation in their ears. This started within 24 hours of me doing their ears.
Have you ever heard of this happening to anyone? My one daughter is very allergic to bees, and when she is stung, breaks out in hives.

I did not even think that the candles were made out of beeswax, or I probably would not even have risked it.

Just wondering in your experience if you have ever heard of this?

Sorry to bother you, but I googled candles and just realized some are made out of beeswax, and so wondered if there could be a connection.

Angela's Comments:

It certainly is possible that your children are allergic to the beeswax. It is quite uncommon to be allergic to the actual wax but not unheard of. People who are allergic to bee stings are allergic to the venom, and there is no venom in beeswax. Reactions like this are more common from non-beeswax candles - they can be made from things like soy and other plant waxes, and tallow (a by-product of beef-fat rendering). Those substances tend to be more reactive, at least in my experience. I would check to make sure that the candles you used are actually beeswax and if they are, chances are it was an allergic reaction.

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