Ageless Skin with Bee Venom, So Ho Mish Cream

by Brigadoon

Hi Mark & Angela

I just finished with a couple of my clients and have a BIG story to share with you about Bee Venom, So Ho Mish Cream, Honey, Bee Pollen, & Royal Jelly results:

4 weeks ago when I did a set down with a new client she had gone to a Beverly Hills Dermatologist and paid $1,200. to have done topically

A light micro exfoliation,
Laser treatment to heat the lower levels of the skin that was supposed to create new collagen within the surface of the skin and "several" skin care products to Hydrate the skin

As I looked at her skin - Yes it was "nice" but beyond that it was nothing "Great" I did not see her skin cells yelling "yeeppeeee skipeeee" and there wasn't that "glow" -

She did say that the day it was all done she did see a glow and hydration - but after a couple of days that left (even though she was using the Spa skin care products everyday)

Soooo of course I took her into my bathroom and had her wash her face with very warm water ,face, neck & chest "over the sink"

(remember when you wash your face bending over the sink - you are at heart level and the blood flow increases greatly - pushing new blood from the deep lower dermis into the surface of the skin - which also creates new collagen)

Then I spread my special African Raw Honey all over her face, neck, chest and back of her hands - and mixed in some raw sugar

Using a light circular motion all over those areas and even her arms - then rinsed with warm water. Pat dry

Applied the So Ho Mish cream with the Bee Venom Ointment mixed in all over the same areas
Her skin not only glowed with a clean healthy pink - but was super hydrated

I advised her to do the honey scrub 1x a week - and to do just the honey mask 2 times a week -
applying the So Ho Mish cream mixture with Bee Venom Ointment every night
and just the So Ho Mish Cream during the day to all of the same areas.

This was 4 weeks ago - and when she returned today she looked like she stepped out of a spa magazine!!!.

She is now also taking Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly every day (the bee Pollen 1 tablespoon 3x a day - the Royal Jelly Powder 1/4 teaspoon 1x a day.

This lady is 72 years young but only I know her real age - because she is now "Ageless" inside & out, and has skin that shouts it!!

Which only proves that if you use truly Great Fabulous Quality Products from our buddies the bees and Mother Nature They actually do work their Magic

Bee Magic

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Dec 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

I also have been using the Bee Venom & So Ho Mish Cream and everyone tells me how great my skin is!! Thanks

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