Adrenal fatigue & low immunity

by bon

I have been sensitive to even some natural things. I had progesterone cream and for some reason I had felt it made me depressed. Since then I am super careful what goes in my body. I need more energy and cant get out of bed till sometime 11 am. I feel great at night but do need coffee in the morning to function. Immune system definetly needs boosting and hormones to balance naturally . Is there any side effects with the propolis and royal jelly. I may wait on the bee pollen due to the side effects. I was on a major detox for candida and I think it was a bit much for my system. I seem alil more sensitive. I thing once my immune system is better I will be less sensitive. what are your suggestions and what to start first. thanks Bon

Angela's Comments:

Hi Bon,
By the sounds of it, you have extreme adrenal fatigue. I'd start with a product called AdrenaSmart.

Use royal jelly with this. Side effects are rare but I do recommend you start out with very small amounts and work up from there. Royal jelly is a hormonal tonic and also boosts energy and immunity. Propolis will help with immunity as well. Propolis side effects are rare as well but can happen. Again, start out with very small amounts to be ultra cautious.

Let me know if you have any more questions.


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