Adrenal fatigue and Infertility


Hi Angela, I have stumbled to your website multiple times over the past few months, and ironically again today. I see you are a naturopath and need your help.

Yesterday I received my saliva results from ZRT to find that my cycle day 24 post cancelled IVF results were:

Estradiol was 1. Scale 1.3-3.3
Progesterone 27. Scale 75-270
Pg/E2 ratio was 27. Scale 100-500
Testosterone 43 Scale 16-55
DHEA. 5.8. Scale. 2-23
Cortisol am 3.3. Scale 3.7-9.5

I am very low in key areas as you can see, what additional things can you recommend. I have been taking 2 LV EstrosmartPlus, 2 LV Thyrosmart, 1 LV Glucosmart per day or 5 weeks, fresh raw bee jelly, and have had no menses yet, am not pregnant. What do you suggest to help me get on track so we can increase our chance for a pregnancy as I am 42, and have been on fertility treatments off/on for 18 months?


Hi there,
I will have a look at these but I am not an ND. I am a nutritionist with some training in hormones so I'm not qualified to examine blood work. I will offer my comments though if you'd like.


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Apr 17, 2012
by: Anonymous

Yes please?

Angela's Comments:

Hi there,

By looking at your test results, I can see that you are very low in Estrogen and Progesterone. Also, it looks like you adrenals could use some attention. It looks like they are burned out due and unable to produce cortisol. (Underactive adrenals)

I do not see results for your thyroid. What is your free T3, T4 and TSH? Quite often this number gets pushed aside, when in fact you cannot have a regular menses or get pregnant without a properly functioning thyroid. Your TSH needs to be BELOW 2 for optimal fertility.

Also, you will want to check your iron levels. That is also an important factor.

The first few things I see that I would recommend to you are:

-Bioidentical progesterone cream (by prescription in Canada and over the counter in the US.) Based on what I can see you should ask for a 2% (20mg) 2 x per day. Once in the morning and once at night. This comes in a cream form and you apply it on your wrist. If you usually have a 28 day cycle, start on day 14 then take until day 28, then you should stop for the next 14 days then continue again. if this does not help then you may need a stronger dose such as oral prometrium

- Adrenasmart, to get your adrenals working/balanced again
- Also, you will need to take some sort of stress reduction techniques in your lifestyle and sleep 8 hours a night

-Consider Bioidentical Estriol

-Consider Thyrosmart x 2 per day if your TSH comes back over the number 2, or perhaps a thyroid glandular. (I see that you are already taking Thyrosmart)

-Consider Ironsmart if your ferritin is under 50 (even though the flag is under 15) and Hemoglobin is below 120.

The first thing we need you to do is ovulate and get a menses, because many women are going into early menopause, and hopefully this is not the case for you.

Do you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? Do you have very low body fat? Are you vegetarian?

Stick with your regime. I have heard of it taking people up to 3 years to normalize their hormones.

I hope this helps.

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