Acne or Mallusscum Contagiasm?

by private

Good day,

I am 26 years old and have boils on my skin around my back and front of my torso. When I was about 14, I did go on Accutane to treat my skin. My face, arms, legs dont have any boils and my skin is very good, however I have for as long as i remember (maybe 3-5 years) boils on my torso. They dont be squeeze and just disappear with sun, but rather keep coming and when squeezed, not much stuff comes out.
I have gone to a Homeopath 3 month ago and she throught maybe it is a version of Mallusscum Contagiasum. She has given me some homeopath tablets, but nothing has really changed.

I attached some pics...

Please advice on the case and treatment

Kind regards.

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