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Prevent cavities and slow aging. More good news from the Hive!
July 24, 2011

Welcome to another edition of The Buzz! Some very exciting news in the world of bees lately! Propolis continues to amaze - we now know that it prevents cavities and helps balance blood sugar. And the 'magic' of bee pollen comes one step closer to being explained.

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Propolis Prevents Cavities

I've reported in the past that propolis is a promising anti-cavity agent. Now we have even more data to support this.

Read how to prevent cavities and keep your gums healthy here.

Propolis Balances Blood Sugar

Blood sugar issues (including Type II Diabetes) are epidemic in the Western World. Natural solutions to this huge problem are badly needed.

In this study, scientists set out to investigate what effect, if any, propolis capsules had on blood sugar control and insulin resistance in rats with Type II diabetes.

Read more here

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Normally $99.99, save $10.00 this month on our 225 gram Royal Jelly 3X Powdered Concentrate. This powder is two times as potent as fresh royal jelly so you can take 1/2 as much as a regular product.

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Bee Pollen Anti-Aging Effects Explained?

I receive quite a few testimonials about the results that people from around the world obtain using bee pollen. The word 'magical' has been used more than once...

Read how scientists are now discovering what this "magic" is here.

$5.00 Off Propolis Raw Chunks 200 g

Still on sale! Propolis is the new superstar of the hive! Large amounts of new university research has revealed that propolis just might be the most powerful compound in the hive!

Now is a good opportunity to try out this beehive wonder as our regularly priced 200 gram size is $5.00 off this month. Regularly $52.99, on sale now for $47.99.

View our Propolis Chunks products here or read more about the endless benefits of propolis here.

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As always, Bee Healthy!


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