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Living on Bee Pollen?
October 27, 2010

It's Angela here from Bee Pollen Welcome to another issue of The Buzz, my free e-zine for Bee Pollen subscribers.

If you like chocolate, this issue is for you! Our Honey Chocolate product is finally available for sale. I've also included our best coupon ever in this issue so scroll down for details.

Super Size Me or Super-Hive Me?

I recently came across a very interesting email from a colleague of mine in the bee business. Many of you have likely seen or heard of the movie Super Size Me. The main character decides to live on nothing but McDonald's for a month and he documents his experience while also having a doctor monitor his ever deteriorating health.

Well, this colleague of mine decided to do something similar. But, instead of living on McDonald's for a month, she lived primarily on bee pollen. And not just for a single month but for SIX full months! She also had her doctor monitor her health during the 'experiment' and lets just say that well, her doctor now takes bee pollen!

Read about her amazing experience in her own words here.

Honey Helps You to Live Longer!

In the last issue of The Buzz, I reported to you a recent study that suggested those who regularly consume honey live longer. I mistakenly gave you the wrong link to the article so here is the proper one.

Read the real article here

The Sweet Aroma of our Beeswax Candles...

It dawned on me recently that Bee Pollen Buzz is not well known for the wonderful, handcrafted beeswax candles that we carry. This is probably because we're famous for our bee pollen and raw honey! But....Christmas is slowly sneaking up on us so keep our natural, paraben free candles in mind!

We offer sweet smelling beeswax tapers, pillars, votives and tea lites.

View our entire selection of beeswax candles here

Chocolate Honey?!

Honey chocolate you ask? Yes, we've finally perfected the blend and it is now available! And let me tell you, it tastes amazing. Our Honey Chocolate spread is the perfect blend of our Summer Blossom honey with 100% organic cacao. Delicious on toast, in hot beverages or even in your morning smoothie!

View our delicious Chocolate Honey spread

You're Invited to Share in 'The Hive'

As many of you already know, I've recently added an exciting new feature to - The Hive, our all new Bee Pollen Buzz Community page. It's a forum for everyone to discuss their experiences using bee pollen, royal jelly, propolis and raw honey for health.

Well, the response has been simply amazing! We've had well over 100 forum posts so far and more are arriving each day. So thank you for all who have asked a question or posted an experience. You are helping to build the largest database of 'bee knowledge' on the entire web!

Check out The Hive here

Our best coupon yet!

As a preferred member of Bee Pollen Buzz, we're offering you 10% off your entire order in our web store for the month of November. It is valid until November 30, 2010 and can be used unlimited times.

To use this coupon, simply enter coupon code promo8 in the coupon code box in the shopping cart after placing your order through Pay Pal.

Follow Me on Twitter!

Thanks to everyone that is now following me on Twitter! I'm no Lady Gaga (with 2 million followers), but we're slowly getting there! Please 'retweet' my tweets so that we can help spread the good word about bee pollen, raw honey and royal jelly!

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