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Discounts on royal jelly caps, candles, bone booster and probiotics!
May 15, 2012

Hello my friend. We've got some exciting specials this month so please have a look below to see if there are any discounts that might save you some money!

You'll also notice below some new products. These products aren't necessarily 'Bee' related but are some of my favorites from my years working in health food stores and also as a holistic nutritionist. I hope you don't mind me sharing them - they are science based formulas that have achieved amazing results for myself and clients and truly work.

Royal Jelly 120 caps

Save $4.00

• Contains up to 6% 10-HDA

• Our potent 3X concentrate powder

• North American sourced royal jelly

• Anti-Aging

• Hormonal tonic

• Boost energy & vitality

Sale price $38.99

Probiotic Plus 120 caps

Save $5.00

• Relief from urinary tract infections

• Control candida yeast infections

• Boost your GOOD bacteria

• Protects your liver from the affects of antibiotics

• Boost immunity

Sale Price $30.99

Tea Lites 10 pack

Save $2.00

• 100% natural beeswax

• Release negative ions

• Let the natural aroma of beeswax relax you

• Purifies the air

• Non soy

• No artificial fragrance

• Long burn times

• No artificial coloring

Sale price of $6.99

SleepSmart 30 caps

Save $3.00

• Relieves restlessness

• Promotes deep, restful sleep

• Stops nighttime waking

Sale price $15.99

Bone Booster 60 caps

Save $4.00

• For osteopenia and osteoporosis

• Promotes heart health

• Helps immune function

• Use in conjunction with Collagen Plus for strong bones

Sale price $21.99

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