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How to improve your pet's health, boost testosterone, and balance blood sugar
February 28, 2013

Angela here from Bee Pollen Welcome to another issue of The Buzz, our free e-zine covering Natural Health From the Hive!

Below you'll find links to my three latest articles. Find out how to boost the health and vitality of your pets with bee pollen and propolis. If you're diabetic or have blood sugar issues, you can read below how a study is suggesting propolis might be for you.

Lastly, royal jelly is boosting testosterone levels in men up to 20%. Testosterone is very important for health and longevity in men as they age. Royal jelly just might help keep you youthful!

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Bee healthy ~ Angela

Improve Your Pet's Health

Do you have a pet? Read my latest article on how bee pollen and propolis are proving to be extremely healthy for animals, boosting immunity, growth and vitality.

Read more here.

Boost Testosterone Levels With Royal Jelly

Royal jelly has long been known as a hormonal tonic. Now research is proving that even low amounts of royal jelly can boost testosterone in men 20%.

Read more here.

Balance Blood Sugar and Lower Blood Pressure

If you are diabetic or suffer from pre-diabetes, more information is coming out on how the products of the hive might be able to help you. The latest is propolis - in a recent study it increased insulin sensitivity (controlled blood sugar) AND lowered blood pressure significantly.

Read more here.

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