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Honey lowers cholesterol, body fat and blood sugar
January 08, 2013

Angela here from Bee Pollen Welcome to another issue of The Buzz, our free e-zine covering Natural Health From the Hive!

Happy New Year to you! January is a great time to set health goals for the year. Hopefully my three latest articles will provide some inspiration for you!

Honey Lowers Blood Sugar, Cholesterol and Body Fat

In a new study done on Type 1 diabetics it was found that honey, taken over 12 weeks, had some amazing health benefits for the participants. This research is very exciting - if you are looking to lower body fat, your bad cholesterol and your blood sugar levels, this is a must read.

Read more here.

Honey May Help Prevent and Treat Leukemia

More information supporting what we've reported recently regarding the anti-cancer potential of honey and bee products.

Read more here.

Propolis Improves Oral Health

One of the most common questions I get here at Bee Pollen Buzz is about how to use propolis for oral health. More specifically, for gum disease (periodontitis). The results are quite astounding - propolis is very effective at reversing this condition.

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